Kickstarter project team claims its LED bulb worlds most efficient

first_img(—Entrepreneurs Christian Yan, Tom Rodinger and Gimmy Chu have formed a partnership and created a company they call NanoLight. Their products are LED light bulbs that the group claims are the world’s most efficient. They are currently looking for backing on Kickstarter, the crowd funding site. Citation: Kickstarter project team claims its LED bulb world’s most efficient (2013, January 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from The trio at NanoLight have come up with a unique way to deal with the heat that is produced when using strong LED’s, they’ve physically connected them to small circuit boards which dissipate the heat. The circuit boards are then cut to fit together, like a 3D jigsaw puzzle, to form a rough facsimile of an incandescent light bulb. Using this design, the team is offering three different types of bulbs. Explore further © 2013 LED replacements hit stores empty of 100W bulbscenter_img More information: and … gy-efficient-lightbu The first is listed as using 10 watts of power to produce what they say is the equivalent light output of a 75 watt incandescent bulb. The second consumes 12 watts and is claimed to produce the same light output as a 100 watt incandescent light bulb. The third option is apparently the same as the second except it produces more light. Because of heat sink issues, most large makers of LED bulbs aren’t offering bulbs that are supposed to be comparable to a 100 watt incandescent bulb, which might be a good selling point for the bulbs from NanoLight. Another selling point is the arrangement of the LEDs on the bulb – they allow for throwing light all over a room instead of in just one direction, as is the case with most current commercial options.The team has received pledges far in excess of their goal, so it looks like these new bulbs will soon make their way into homes where they will no doubt prove, or disprove the claims of their makers. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. As most everyone is aware, traditional incandescent light bulbs are on their way out – they waste far too much energy. Instead, consumers have been urged to purchase Compact Florescent Lamps (CFLs), a smaller variant of the long thin light bulbs used in commercial buildings. Unfortunately, thus far, consumers have been less than impressed with the bulbs, both with the quality of the light they emit and the time lag between when they are turned on and when they achieve their maximum brightness. Because of that, research efforts have blossomed aimed at coming up with a new kind of bulb that can offer light quality as good as the old, but with far better efficiency. Most of that research has been focused on LED bulbs, which are now available to consumers, but at high cost and with ungainly metal heat sinks.last_img read more

ARM chip makers set to reach 3GHz next year

first_img Intel’s Haswell to extend battery life, set for Taipei launch ARM chips are a type of RISC processor licensed by ARM Inc. They are considered medium to high speed, as compared with other chips, such as those that are used in personal computers. They are used in everything from phones (both Android at iPhone), to tablets, television sets and a myriad of other products. The fastest of the current crop is 2.3GHz—though most are closer to the 1.6GHz processor used in the Galaxy S4. As occurred with personal computers, chip makers are eager to make hand-held devices run faster with each new generation allowing users to run ever more sophisticated apps.To get the new chips to run faster, both chipmakers will be utilizing a 20nm process to create the new chips—28 is the current smallest standard. That both claim, should allow the chips to be more efficient, which should mean less power hungry, resulting in less battery drain for users.The arrival of faster ARM chips might also help to stave off the recent incursion into the field by PC chip maker Intel with its Bay Trail chips (recent testing showed them to be approximately 30 percent faster than the fastest Arm chip), a company that very much wants to make a move into ARM chips territory as sales of personal computers have declined—all while sales of phones and tablets have soared. AMD, the only other major chip maker for PC’s has also been working on an ARM competitor and likely will introduce something next year as well.All of this is good news for consumers of course—the more competition in the market the better the ultimate products will likely be. Not only will they be faster, and use less battery power, they’ll also likely include features not currently available on phones and notepads that personal computer users have taken for granted for years. Explore further ( —ARM chip makers TSMC and GlobalFoundries have revealed that they plan to release ARM processor chips capable of running at 3GHz sometime next year. Such chips will almost certainly be welcomed with open arms by the users of the millions of phones, tablets, etc. which have them as part of a System-On-Chip (SoC) platform. © 2013 Phys.orgcenter_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: … ssors-to-get-to-3ghz Citation: ARM chip makers set to reach 3GHz next year (2013, July 10) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Scientists ask peer review on fast track at what price

first_img The publication is Scientific Reports, which charges $1,495 to publish an article. Since March 24, authors of biology papers who pay an additional $750 can enjoy a fast track where the journal decides on the submission within three weeks. London-based NPG owns Scientific Reports and Nature, but the two journals are editorially independent. Why was the fast-track idea started in the first place?Scientific Reports runs on the open access model; it derives no revenue from subscriptions and charges authors to publish their papers. NPG said that a survey taken last year of its authors found that 70 percent were frustrated over the time peer review took and 67 percent thought publishers should experiment with alternative peer-review methods, said Daniel Cressey in Nature News.An article in The Economist in 2013 said, “Ask a researcher what annoys him most about scientific publishing, and slowness will come near the top of the list of gripes. It takes nearly six months, on average, for a manuscript to wend its way from submission to publication. Worse, before a paper is accepted by a journal, it is often rejected by one or more others.” The fast-track service is currently being run on a trial basis. Nandita Quaderi, publishing director, Nature Publishing Group, has described it as “an opt-in small scale pilot for a limited period of time and one which will not “affect the overall service we provide to authors who don’t choose the service.” According to Nature News, NPG said in a statement that “we are continually experimenting with different innovations in the publishing process.” They said the fast-track move was “a small pilot to see if a fast-track peer-review service is something that authors and reviewers would find useful.” Citation: Scientists ask, peer review on fast track at what price? (2015, April 1) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Journal information: Scientific Reports Explore further , Science The word “useful” was not part of Maslin’s reaction to the move. Maslin told Chemistry World, “Instead of the best science being published in a timely fashion it will further shift the balance to well-funded labs and groups.”Maslin similarly told Science Insider, “My objections are that it sets up a two-tiered system and instead of the best science being published in a timely fashion it will further shift the balance to well-funded labs and groups.” Maslin said he recognized that “Academic publishing is going through a revolution and we should expect some bumps along the way. This was just one that I felt I could not accept.”Chemistry World noted that authors paying the $750 fee would get a decision within three weeks of submission, via a service, Rubriq, provided by North Carolina-based Research Square. This is a service specializing in independent peer review. Science contributing correspondent John Bohannon reported in ScienceInsider that Research Square’s editors recruit scientists around the world as reviewers. The reviewers get paid $100 for each completed review. The review process includes an online scorecard. “So far, Research Square’s CEO, Shashi Mudunuri said, the company has about 1400 active reviewers who have scored 920 papers.”In a guest post on Nature’s “Of Schemes and Memes” community blog, Quaderi talked about the Research Square relationship: “The fast-track service is being provided in partnership with a third party, Research Square, using their Rubriq peer-review system, which incentivizes its reviewers with a fee per review. The trial is currently restricted to biology manuscripts, which is an area that Rubriq has a long-established reputation of supporting with its peer review service.” Quaderi also said that, “Needless to say, an author choosing the fast-track option is only benefiting from a quicker decision. The introduction of this service has no bearing on our editorial decision process – whether we accept, reject or request revisions – and we have worked closely with Research Square to be confident that their reviewer reports are as rigorous as we would expect from our own Scientific Reports reviewers.”Quaderi also drove home the point in her guest post that “Experimentation is key if we are to improve scholarly communications and support the researcher community, be they authors, reviewers, editorial board members or readers.” Quaderi said they hoped the trial will provide useful feedback—in whatever form it takes. Meanwhile, in an update, Bohannon reported that a commenter of his story and additional editors of Scientific Reports sent NPG a letter saying the announcement arose concern among them, because of the implications this introduction may have. They asked if the group could help them understand the meaning and implications of this move by considering some questions, which they posed. Credit: Charles Rondeau/public domaincenter_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. , Nature © 2015 Journal team adds reviewer pay to open-access model A fast-track peer-review trial is in the news. A Nature Publishing Group (NPG) -owned journal’s editorial board member has resigned in protest over a pilot project where researchers pay for faster peer review. Mark Maslin, a professor at University College London, announced on Twitter earlier this month that he had resigned from the editorial advisory panel. He is bothered that the policy could create a divide between researchers who are poorly funded and their richer colleagues, both taking separate publishing routes. He said, “I think it is setting up a two-tier system.”last_img read more

Vacuum channel transistor combines best of semiconductors and vacuum tubes

first_img © 2017 (—Although vacuum tubes were the basic components of early electronic devices, by the 1970s they were almost entirely replaced by semiconductor transistors. But in the past few years, researchers have been developing “nanoscale vacuum channel transistors” (NVCTs) that combine the best of vacuum tubes and modern semiconductors into a single device. Citation: Vacuum channel transistor combines best of semiconductors and vacuum tubes (2017, April 4) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Illustrations and scanning electron microscope image of the nanoscale vacuum channel transistor. Credit: Han et al. ©2017 American Chemical Society Explore further Compared to conventional transistors, NVCTs are faster and more resistant to high temperatures and radiation. These advantages make NVCTs ideal candidates for applications such as radiation-tolerant deep space communications, high-frequency devices, and THz electronics. They are also candidates for extending Moore’s law—which states that the number of transistors on a computer chip doubles approximately every two years—which is expected to soon hit a roadblock due to the physical limitations of shrinking semiconductor transistors. On the other hand, traditional vacuum tubes have certain disadvantages compared to semiconductor transistors, which caused them to become obsolete. Notably, vacuum tubes are very large and consume a lot of energy. With the new NVCTs, size is no longer an issue because the new devices are produced using modern semiconductor fabrication techniques, and so can be made as small as a few nanometers across. Whereas traditional vacuum tubes look like light bulbs, NVCTs look more like typical semiconductor transistors and can only be seen under a scanning electron microscope.To address the more pressing issue of energy consumption, in a new study researchers Jin-Woo Han, Dong-Il Moon, and M. Meyyappan at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, have designed a silicon-based NVCT with an improved gate structure that reduces the drive voltage from tens of volts to less than five volts, resulting in a lower energy consumption. Their work is published in a recent issue of Nano Letters.In an NVCT, the gate is the component that receives the drive voltage and, based on this voltage, it controls the flow of electrons between two electrodes. In contrast, in the old vacuum tubes, electrons were released by heating the emitter of the device. Because the electrons traveled through a vacuum (the vacuum gap), they moved at very high speeds, which led to the fast operation. In NVCTs, there is not actually a vacuum, but instead the electrons travel across a space filled with an inert gas such as helium at atmospheric pressure. Since the distance between electrodes is so small (as little as 50 nm), the probability of an electron colliding with a gas molecule is very low, and so the electrons move just as quickly through this “quasi-vacuum” as they do in an actual vacuum. Even with some collisions occurring, the gas molecules are not ionized due to the lower operating voltage.Perhaps the greatest advantage of the new vacuum transistors is their ability to tolerate high temperatures and ionizing radiation, which makes them promising candidates for the harsh environments often experienced by military and space applications. In the new study, the researchers experimentally demonstrated that the NVCTs continue to operate at the same level of performance at temperatures of up to 200 °C, whereas conventional transistors would cease to function at this temperature. Tests also showed that the new NVCTs are robust against gamma and proton radiation.In the future, the researchers plan to further improve the performance of this “new old” technology.”Future research plans include device modeling work at the nanoscale, including structure and material properties,” Han told “Also we plan to study aging mechanisms to improve reliability and lifetime.”center_img Return of the vacuum tube This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Jin-Woo Han, Dong-Il Moon, and M. Meyyappan. “Nanoscale Vacuum Channel Transistor.” Nano Letters. DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b04363 Journal information: Nano Letterslast_img read more

Green with a vengeance

first_imgGreen Graffiti’s are made from ‘algae’ (type of seaweed living on stones), harvested from buildings, cultivated and applied to a substrate, canvas or a wall. These paintings are like a plant, growing slowly over time depending on conservation’s conditions. Green Graffiti paint comes from personal researches and cooperation with several biologists and lichenologists since 2005. By giving  humans  forms  to plants Longuet tries to open a  dialogue  between  human beings  and  their  biological environments, highlighting their common traits, as  their reactions to the reality of survival, their fundamental necessity to live in a community. This project invites the audience  to  rethink  about  their integration to an ecosystem of everyday. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Reverse Graffiti (Water Graffiti workshops) are small interventions in the street, they are drawings created with water pressure on a wall covered of algae. The visuals can last several weeks or months on the wall depending on the next rain. This simple act reminds us that we belong to a living environment , the surface slowly becomes green by colonization of new plant species, continuing the appropriation of space by biological entities in a natural cycle. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe last series of reverse graffiti were conducted in collaboration with ‘The Green Lab Delhi’ group created by children from the area. They made stencils and used them it in various locations in Neb Sarai.Those above have been photographed and will be presented during the show Jungle Me at Niv Art Centre.WHEN: Preview on 21 March at 6 pm; Exhibition on from 22 March – 22 April from 10 am to 6 pm WHERE: Niv Art Centre, Neb Sarai, Ignou Roadlast_img read more

Ode to an artist

first_imgThe book by Professor B.N. Goswamy and Rosa Maria Falvo showcases some of the rare early works that have never been exhibited before. Art Alive Gallery will be launching the book along with the artist’s solo exhibition at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre on February 12. The show will continue at Art Alive Gallery, Panchsheel thereafter. Burman’s work takes us through his work as legends, family, and Indian gods meet and mingle in his private, kaleidoscopic universe. While realism resurfaces in his paintings, his work transports viewers into the realm of fantasy across a decidedly optimistic, oneiric landscape.    Prof. B.N.Goswamy is an eminent Indian art historian and critic. He is the recipient of the Padma Bhushan Award (2008) and Rosa Maria Falvo is a writer and curator, as well as Skira’s international commissions editor. Since 2005 she has been regularly travelling and working closely with artists and institutions throughout Asia.last_img read more

Sensex soars 565 points on Fed interesthike delay hopes

first_imgMarket benchmark Sensex on Monday rose for the fourth straight by surging 564.60 points to close at one and a half months high of 26,785.55 tracking upbeat Asian and European cues after US jobs data fuelled speculation that the Fed will not raise interest rates any time soon.On the domestic front, Sensex’s biggest single day rise in nine months since January 15, was supported by the rupee gaining some muscle against the dollar.  Also Read – Punjab & Sind Bank cuts MCLR by up to 20 basis pointsThe rally in Indian shares was a part of the smart upmove seen in global stocks triggered by expectations that the US Federal Reserve will delay the first interest rate hike in almost a decade in wake of a lackluster US jobs data.”The odds of a US rate hike during October have lessened due to poor payroll data,” said Vinod Nair Head-Fundamental Research at Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services.After tracking bullish global cues, the 30-share Sensex scaled the day’s high of 26,822.42 and closed 564.60 points or 2.15 per cent higher at 26,785.55, a level last seen on August 21.  Also Read – ‘The great gold bull market has begun’Sentiment was also upbeat as a number of banks announced a reduction in base rates during the past few days in the wake of a steeper-than-expected 50 basis points cut in the repo rate by the Reserve Bank of India. Sensex has rallied by 1,168.71 points in four sessions, since the monetary policy review last week. On the day, 50-share NSE Nifty also recorded second biggest rise on the calender year by surging 168.40 points or 2.12 per cent to close at 8,119.30. Both the indices, Sensex and Nifty, posted their biggest single day gains since January 15. Out of the 30 Sensex stocks, 26 ended with gains while — Maruti Suzuki, Dr Reddy’s, Lupin and HUL — lost.Shares of Tata Motors emerged as the top gainer among the Sensex pack by surging 6.13 per cent on sales data and reports that its Jaguar Land Rover sales surged in the US. Global markets were largely positive, on expectations that Beijing will take steps to accelerate growth and dimmed prospects of a near-term interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve.Indexes from China, Tokyo, Hong Kong and South Korea firmed up in the region of 0.76 per cent to 1.62 per cent while gains between 2.12 per cent and 3.35 per cent were seen from Europe.Rupee rises 22 paise to 7-week high of 65.29 per $The rupee on Monday surged by another 22 paise to close at a seven-week high of 65.29 per dollar on persistent selling of the American currency by banks and exporters amid strengthening equities. Weakness of dollar in the overseas market also boosted the rupee value against the dollar. The rupee opened higher at 65.25 per dollar as against the last weekend’s level of 65.51 at the Interbank Foreign Exchange market and firmed up further to 65.19 before finishing at a 7-week high of 65.29, showing a gain of 22 paise or 0.34 per cent. The local currency has gained by 87 paise or 1.31 per cent in last ten days.last_img read more

Showcasing the richness of Sichuan

first_imgIn an initiative to forge bonds and to promote Indian tourism in China, China India Tourism Year in India- a joint decision taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping to enhance tourism between the countries, a delegation from China and the Tourism Administration of Sichuan, one of the largest provinces of China were recently in the Capital. Known for its giant pandas and world famous spicy cuisine, Sichuan and its Tourism Administration aimed through this conference to spread better awareness about the province amongst Indian travellers with its tagline as ‘Sichuan – More than Pandas.’ Sichuan Tourism Administration highlighted the province to be home to not only the giant pandas, but also to diverse art and culture, breathtaking natural beauty, unique culinary, ancient history and vast resources which makes it the tourism cynosure of China. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Sichuan has favourable geographical and ecological resources with more than 4000 tourist attractions which includes nine of 5A level scenic spots, five world heritage sites, four world biosphere reserves, two World Geo Parks. Another cultural heritage which was brought to light in the Conference was the ‘Leshan Giant Buddha’ or ‘Lingyun Giant Buddha’ which is the sculpture of a seated ‘Maitreya Buddha’ located at the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers in southern Sichuan, close to the city of Leshan. The stone sculpture which has been carved out from a cliff, faces Mount Emei, with the rivers flowing below its feet. Mount Emei Scenic Area including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area is another UNESCO World Heritage Site and easily rivals other famous stone carvings such as the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAs one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains of China, Mt. Emei features more than 26 temples including eight major ones which frequently hold Buddhist ceremonies. Wang Ning, Executive Vice Governor, Sichuan remarked: “I am hopeful that the Conference will help Indian people better understand Sichuan and create a positive atmosphere for the tourism in Sichuan from India. Both India and Sichuan are fascinating tourism destinations. Just like India, Sichuan has rich ancient heritage, cultural diversity and centuries old civilisation which we take pride immense pride in.”Song Ming, Deputy Director General, Sichuan Tourism Administration who was also present at the conference, said: “This Conference is an important launching pad for us to boost tourism from India to Sichuan and is a precursor of an action plan that includes a number of incentives and trial measures for travellers as well as tour operators from India.”last_img read more

Woman harassed over phone after photos number spread on leaflets

first_imgKolkata: A young woman’s phone number and pictures were allegedly circulated using leaflets by an unknown miscreant. On Saturday night, the victim lodged a complaint against the perpetrator at Belgharia police station inthis regard. According to the sources, the victim, who is an Information Technology employee, had received a call on Thursday from a total stranger for friendship while she was working in office. She immediately disconnected the call. But the person kept on calling on her number. Eventually, she blocked the Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifephone number. Later, she received some messages and her pictures on WhatsApp. After downloading the pictures she saw that someone or some persons had printed leaflets with her phone number and pictures on, along with some expletives. She also told police those pictures could only be found on her Facebook account. She informed police that on seeing a picture of the leaflet on WhatsApp she removed the number from the block list and called back. When she asked where he had found the leaflet, the person on opposite side told her he found those lying on the road in the Tyangra area. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe victim lodged a complaint against unknown person with the police and requested for a quick investigation. It is suspected that someone known to her has committed the offence over some kind of incident that had taken earlier. During interrogating the victim said earlier someone had written her name and mobile phone number inside the toilet of a long distance train. She had to face immense trouble due to that. After hearing the previous incident, the sleuths suspect the offender might be someone who might have tried getting close to the victim which she did not allow. Thus, the person is seeking revenge. No one has been arrested yet.last_img read more

Print Biennale India awardees honoured at the grand ceremony

first_imgThe award ceremony of the First Print Biennale India 2018 (PBI), organized by Lalit Kala Akademi, recently took place in the lawns of Rabindra Bhawan. Dr Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State (I/c) for Culture, Government of India, couldn’t attend the function personally. However, he sent his message which was read out by Dr Paula Sengupta – “I am so glad to know that the Akademi is preserving and encouraging such fine art of printmaking through this grand event. I appreciate all the beautiful prints on display and the outstanding effort of the Academy that contributes and makes us aware of the contemporary trends in art. I also extend my compliments to the Lalit Kala Akademi for supporting and encouraging contemporary artists through this biennale, creating a unique legacy for the future. I congratulate all the winners” Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe Chief Guest of the programme Sujata Prasad, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Culture, stated, “I must appreciate the tremendous job done by the jury members. Prints exhibited at the biennial are joyous, quirky, protest prints, surreal and realistic. The entire display is quite versatile and interesting. I congratulate award winners and other participants.”Addressing the ceremony, M L Srivastava, Protem Chairman of the LKA, said, “The First Print Biennale India is a major step forward, taken by the LKA, in making the lesser known genre of visual arts popular. The event has elicited higher interest globally in artists as well as art lovers.” Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveIt was followed by the launch of first PBI catalog and the medallion by the Chief Guest Sujata Prasad. She further honoured the awardees of the Biennale India with two lac rupees as prize money along with the medallion and certificate.Arup Kumar Kuity (Andhra Pradesh), Satya Narayana Gavara (Andhra Pradesh), Preya Bhagat (Uttar Pradesh), Purvi Parmar (Gujrat) and Sonal Varshneya (Uttar Pradesh) are given the award in the first PBI. Apart from the five awardees, 8 printmakers have been chosen for the Honourable Mention by the PBI jury panel. The occasion also witnessed mesmerising performance by Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Padma Bhushan), Kathak performance by Manisha Gulyani, and the release of the Print Biennale India 2018 catalogue by Chief Guest Anupam Sud, Commissioner of the first PBI, along with its steering committee members Ananda Moy Banerji, Dattatraya Apte, R.S. Sham Sunder, Dr. Paula Sengupta and Vijay Bagodi.In the morning, a lecture series was inaugurated by M L Srivastava, Chairman, LKA at the Sahitya Akademi Auditorium as a part of the event. Kavita Shah, Jayati Mukherjee, Lina Vincent Sunish, Arpan Mukherjee and Dr Paula Sengupta were the speakers who elaborated on the historical significance and contemporary scope of print in the field of art. Amit Mukhopadhyay delivered a curatorial talk on ‘Atelier Populaire’.The first tier jury consisting of eminent artists sharply examined the 1126 entries received from 415 artists across the globe – 364 Indian and 51 International printmakers – and unanimously chose 177 exhibits. The second tier jury constituted of distinguished artists Waswo X. Waswo (US), Laxma Goud (India) and Shirish V. Mitbawkar (India), who selected five awardees and eight Honourable Mentions out of 153 printmakers.last_img read more

Mark colour of boxes being transported Mamata

first_imgItahar/Buniyadpur (WB): West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Tuesday asked the people to keep vigil about transportation of boxes of various colours, in an oblique reference to allegations of a black trunk having been offloaded from the prime minister’s helicopter in Karnataka. Speaking at two rallies in Balurghat constituency, Banerjee attacked the RSS saying that it has imbibed the “shopping mall culture”. “I urge the public to keep their eyes and ears open as during elections boxes of various colours – red, blue and other colours – are coming,” Banerjee said without naming anyone. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata The Congress had on Sunday demanded a probe into the alleged transportation of a “suspicious black trunk” in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s helicopter during his visit to Chitradurga in Karnataka for poll campaign. Modi had addressed an election rally in Chitradurga on April 9. The party also played a video clip purportedly showing that the trunk, after being unloaded from the PM’s helicopter, was carried to a private car that, it alleged, was not a part of the SPG carcade and was taken away. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in state Taking on the RSS, the Trinamool Congress supremo said, “Those who used to wear khaki shorts have now imbibed the shopping mall culture.” The RSS have shed its 90-year-old dress code and knee-length khaki shorts were replaced by brown trousers. She reiterated her allegation that the Congress is taking assistance of the RSS to help its Jangipur and Baharampur candidates win. While Abhijit Mukherjee, the son of former President Pranab Mukherjee, is the Congress candidate at Jangipur, former West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee president Adhir Chowdhury is the the party’s candidate from Baharampur. Claiming that the BJP was indulging in politics of dividing people on religious lines, Banerjee said she was ready to risk her life but would not allow politics of division. “It (BJP) claims to be champion of Hinduism. Are we not Hindus?” she asked, saying that her parents had taught her to respect all religions and to treat them equally. The firebrand TMC supremo, who is a Brahmin, said she chants Chandi mantra every morning. “The BJP is imposing on us a religion which has no relation to Hinduism or our country. We believe in togetherness of different faiths and languages,” she said. Claiming that the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre has worked against the interest of the general public of the country, she alleged that prices of petroleum products were increased everyday when crude oil rates were low in the international market. “The LPG price has touched Rs 800 per cylinder. If a poor person has to buy gas at such a high price, he will be left with no money to buy food,” she said. Claiming that the NRC in Assam has left lakhs of Hindu and Muslim Bengalis stateless, she asserted that she will not allow it in West Bengal. BJP president Amit Shah has said in various rallies in West Bengal that the saffron party would implement the NRC in the state if voted to power again.last_img read more

8 Historical Facts That Will Distort Your Perception of Time

first_imgHistory is a place inhabited with some pretty weird and bizarre stories. When we study history, whether in school or for our own interest, we tend to focus on one topic at a time. But have you ever stopped to think about how all those events are intertwined on the timeline of world history? Here’s a selection of seemingly unconnected pieces of history repackaged to make you think about them from a different angle.Born in the same year: Queen Elizabeth II and Marilyn MonroePretty in pink. Marilyn Monroe (L) and Queen Elizabeth II (R).The current British head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, is 92-years-old. With more than six decades on the throne, Her Majesty is the longest serving monarch in the history of Britain. It’s a huge achievement.During her 66-year-long reign, the Queen has been served by 13 Prime Ministers, from Winston Churchill to Theresa May. Since her coronation on February 6, 1952, she has also seen the change of 13 U.S. presidents, beginning with President Truman.Princess Elizabeth on the cover of Time magazine, April 1929.One quirky fact about Queen Elizabeth II is that she was born on April 21, 1926, less than two months before American icon Marilyn Monroe, who was born on June 1st the same year.Marilyn Monroe as an infant, c. 1927.When these two famous women were aged 30, they met in London. The occasion was the movie premiere of The Battle of the River Plate in October 1956, the plot of which revolves around a naval battle between the British and Germans early in World War II.The rare photograph which testifies to the meeting of the two women shows Marilyn waiting her turn to shake hands with the Queen.Ferdinand Magellan and Yuri Gagarin were 439 years apartFerdinand MagellanMore than four centuries passed between the first circumnavigation of the planet by boat, and the first time a human orbited Earth in space.Ferdinand Magellan launched his historic three-year-long expedition in September 1519. Traveling east, he led his fleet east across the Atlantic and made the first recorded navigation of the passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean that is today called the Straits of Magellan.Of the five ships that set sail from Spain, only the Trinidad completed the trip. Magellan himself was killed after the crew became embroiled in local war in the Philippines. In fact, only a few members of the original crew were still alive at the time the voyage was completed in September 1522.Russian cosmonaut Jurij Gagarin flew to Göteborg with SAS Metropolitan CV-440 during his visit to Sweden, 1964. *** Local Caption *** Pybl: SAS Nytt no 10/1964If there is an achievement in space to measure to this effort, it took place 439 years later. On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin entered world history as the first human to orbit the planet. His craft Vostok 1, operated by an automatic control system, kept a maximum altitude of 187 miles. Gagarin completed the mission in just 108 minutes.The London Underground opened during the American Civil WarAmerican Civil WarThe London Underground, or the Tube, began its operation on January 10, 1863 when the American Civil War was still raging in full swing. In the beginning, there was only one underground railway line, linking Bishop’s Road (today Paddington) and Farringdon Street. The Metropolitan Railway continued expanding the network from here on.Sketch of a platform on the Baker Street and Waterloo Railway in its first week of opening.That same January, across the pond, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which vowed for the freedom to “all persons held as slaves.”Though the Proclamation had a limited effect, it was still of great significance.Abraham LincolnLater that year the Battle of Gettysburg was fought, which within only three days claimed the lives of some 23,000 on the Union side and 20,000 on the Confederate side. As History writes, this battle “is considered the most important engagement of the American Civil War.”Today, life and transport in London cannot be imagined without the London Underground network. As for the Civil War, it continues to occupy a central place in U.S. history.Lincoln died the same year Stetson produced the first western hatPainting depicting Lincoln’s assassination.In 1865, the American Civil War came to a conclusion. It was the year when the 13th Amendment abolished slavery in the U.S., but also when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C.During these turbulent times, the Ku Klux Klan was also founded, and the New York Stock Exchange began operating the first permanent headquarters near Wall Street in New York.1920s Stetson carlsbad cowboy hat. Photo by -oo0(GoldTrader)0oo- CC BY 3.0All these events heavily influenced society, history, politics, and economy. But there was one other thing that came out in 1865 that is also part of American culture. Cowboy hats.That year, John B. Stetson founded a factory near Philadelphia and began production of his “Boss of the Plains” hat, a wide-brimmed felt hat designed to be waterproof, durable, and stylish. Stetson followed with the front-creased Carlsbad, which is still thought of today as “the” cowboy style.Star Wars came out the same year Elvis Presley diedPhoto by Getty ImagesIn the spring of 1977, George Lucas released a film which nobody, not even Lucas himself, believed would measure any success. The filming of Star Wars was painstaking. Some of the obstacles included rebuilding the set after it was wrecked by a storm while filming Tatooine scenes in Tunisia, delays in creating the special effects footage, and a string of electronic malfunctions.However, the success was instant. Star Wars went on to make millions in the box office and announced the birth of the most popular sci-fi movie franchise in the world.Elvis Presley in a publicity photo for the film The Trouble with Girls, released September 1969.While Star Wars was a huge gain for the entertainment industry that year, a big loss came in the summer when Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll” died.The last years of Presley’s life were not so remarkable. The legendary singer, one of the highest-selling solo performers of all times, struggled with drug addiction, various health issues, and divorce.Titanic sank the same year we got grocery shopping bagsView of the bow of the RMS Titanic photographed in June 2004.The RMS Titanic, billed as the greatest ship of its day, became famous after it sank on its maiden voyage in April 1912. It was a tragedy that has since never left the public imagination and “fascination” with the disaster.Also in 1912: Walter H. Deubner, owner of a small grocery shop in Minnesota, invented something we still use today. Paper grocery bags.Brown paper grocery bags have been used since the same year Titanic sank.Deubner observed how people who stopped by his shop often struggled to carry too many items. His invention allowed them to pack in up to 75 pounds of goods and carry them with ease.On the day the shopping bag debuted at Deubner’s premises, it sold out by noon. 50 pieces were sold for five cents each. Within three years after patenting the paper bag, Deubner was making millions.It took Deubner took four years to come up with his final design — more time than shipwrights took to build the Titanic. The construction of the ocean liner began on March 31, 1909.Yellowstone was declared a national park before the telephone was patentedYellowstone National Park.Yellowstone National Park was established as the first National Park in the United States, and also in the world, in 1872.This was four years before the U.S. Patent Office issued a patent to Alexander Graham Bell for the world’s First Practical Telephone in 1876.Actor portraying Alexander Graham Bell in a 1926 silent film. Shows Bell’s first telephone transmitter (microphone), invented 1876 and first displayed at the Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia.Bell was originally commissioned by investors to work on another popular machine of the day — the harmonic telegraph. This machine allowed for the wired transmission of more than one message at the same time. However, Bell, who was more confident in a machine that could transmit the voice, persuaded the investors to allow him to dedicate time on that too. Fortunately, he was granted permission.In 1913, Hitler, Trotsky, Stalin, Tito, and Freud all lived in the same cityColor photo lithograph of Vienna, 1900.Adolf Hitler, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Josip Broz Tito, and Sigmund Freud — five famous names of the 20th century. Looking back at their place in history, we can easily associate each of them with a distinct world event or period.Hitler is the most well known dictator in modern history. His plans for creating the Lebensraum for his “master race” triggered the most horrendous war in the history of the world. He committed suicide once he realized he was losing World War Two.Leon Trotsky and Lev Kamenev at Brest-Litovsk negotiations.Leon Trotsky was a major political opponent of Joseph Stalin in the early years of Soviet communist rule. As Stalin consolidated his power in the USSR, Trotsky fled to Mexico. But even there he was unsafe and was assassinated in 1940, on the orders of Stalin.Josip Broz Tito, or Marshal Tito, was the golden leader of Yugoslavia, the socialist federation which consisted of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. The country existed as such from World War II until 1991, 11 years after Tito’s death.And Freud developed groundbreaking theories that mused on human sexuality and psychology.Josip Broz TitoThe lives of these five giants all intersect in Vienna, which at that time was the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in 1913.Freud’s theories were well established; Hitler was still smarting after his second rejection to join the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts; Trotsky and Stalin were both on the run; and Tito was in the city for the money, working at the Daimler automobile factory.Read another story from us: 25 Years Later – 5 Surprising Facts About Schindler’s ListDid any of them have any idea what their name would mean by the end of the century? It’s weird enough to think that even for a moment they all walked the streets of the same city.last_img read more

For the first time LeBron James is showing signs of mental and

first_imgColin is live from Super Bowl LI in Houston:In football, the shield is the star. In baseball, history is the star. In the NBA, the stars are the stars. LeBron James is the biggest NBA star and just publicly ripped Charles Barkley after Barkley criticized his public comments ripping the Cavs.Colin doesn’t think Sir Charles was out of line in his criticisms, but for the first time he thinks 14 plus years of exposure to intense pressure and criticism is finally getting to James.“I am sensing mental and physical fatigue from LeBron James.”Colin openly questioned San Francisco’s hiring of John Lynch as their new GM. He knows and likes Lynch personally, but thought that the hire was bizarre. Last night, Colin sat down with Lynch over a couple of sodas and came away impressed with Lynch’s plan to succeed and especially his self-awareness to realize he needs to surround himself with experienced personnel people.Colin thinks the biggest obstacle to Lynch’s success is Niners owner Jed York. York has a history of leaking unfavorable stories to the press to shed negative light on his coaches and GM’s and make himself look better. He did it with Harbaugh and Chip Kelly. John Lynch needs to watch his back.It worries me with the 49’ers that people show you who they are, and whenever I see 49’ers stories, some were leaked to my former employer, some were leaked to us.I just feel that I can’t trust the guy running that football team. He keeps showing me time and time again.”Guests:Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro tight end is on set to discuss his reality TV show Catching Kelce; how things on the show got weird; why he would keep the Pro Bowl and get rid of the preseason; if he feels a need a to pursue off field opportunities because of the short length of the average NFL career;Peter King – Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the MMQB is on set to explain how the John Lynch hiring caught him off-guard; what he thinks Peyton Manning’s next step will be; why Art Modell told Robert Kraft not to hire Bill Belichick; why he thinks Belichick hasn’t talked to him in 10 years;Warren Moon – 9-time Pro Bowler, NFL Hall of Famer and Seahawks analyst is on set to discuss the future of the Pro Bowl; why he thinks that NFL teams need the preseason; why he would go back to the old-style NFL training camp; if he ever got nervous before a big game; and if he would give up his Hall of Fame jacket for a Super Bowl ring.Joe Theismann – NFL MVP Super Bowl champion with the Washington Redskins is on set to talk about his Super Bowl winning team; how he ended up returning punts as a rookie; why he thinks Brady is the G.O.A.T; why he thinks Tom Brady has one of the strongest arm’s in NFL history; and word association with all-time quarterbacks.Bill Romanowski – 4-time Super Bowl champion with the Broncos and 49’ers is on set to break down his dinner with Colin last night; recall his favorite memories from his 4 Super Bowl wins; his preparation leading up to the games; if it’s possible to over prepare; and his Super Bowl pick.last_img read more

VIDEO Colin ate some Marinersstyle grasshoppers and it was a big mistake

first_imgThe Mariners have drawn viral media attention for offering fried grasshoppers as a food option for fans. Some people think the idea is disgusting, but the Mariners recently sold out of the bug bites, so obviously someone is eating them.When Colin heard about the grasshopper snacks, he said he would be willing to give them a try.Today in The Herd, he chowed down on the air. It was a huge mistake.Colin thought they were completely disgusting, and said when he bit down on one, he could, “Taste its feelings.”“The worst food experience of my life.”You can’t go wrong with a dog and a beer.“I can taste its feelings”“Worst food experience of my life”Inspired by the @Mariners, @ColinCowherd eats Grasshoppers— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) April 14, 2017last_img read more

VIDEO Jamie Foxxs LeBron James impersonation is the GOAT

first_imgJamie Foxx appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and revealed that the last time he cried during a sporting event was when LeBron James and the Cavs won the NBA title last year.Naturally, that led to Foxx slipping into the most incredibly accurate LeBron James impersonation of all-time. It’s bizarre how much Foxx looks like LeBron. Unsettling might be a better description. It’s all in the facial expression.Regardless if you think LeBron or MJ is the best basketball player of all-time, Foxx’s LeBron impersonation is the G.O.A.T.last_img

VIDEO A young Dale Earnhardt Jr interviewing his dad is the perfect

first_imgRIP Bob Hulse. Miss you dad. I hope you would be proud of what I’ve become. Advertisement Father’s Day is a day to give thanks to all of the dads that are here, and to remember those that have passed away.The crash that killed Dale Earnhardt in the 2001 Daytona 500 left a legion of NASCAR fans without their hero, and left Dale Earnhardt, Jr. without his father.Today, in honor of Father’s Day, the NASCAR Twitter account posted an old video of a teenage Junior interviewing The Intimidator after a win.Junior grills his dad about the race, but then cuts to the brass tracks and asks if he is going to get some money out of the deal. Dad wasn’t having it:center_img “I doubt it. You spent enough money down here this week.”The rest of a video is a touching tribute with clips of Junior and his dad, set to Zach Brown Band’s  My Old Man. Great stuff.“I can still remember every lesson he taught me.” — @zacbrownbandOn this #FathersDay, we honor the dads in #NASCARnation.— NASCAR (@NASCAR) June 18, 2017last_img read more

VIDEO Aaron Judge ties Joe DiMaggios Yankee rookie home run record and

first_imgAaron Judge launched his 29th home run of the bottom of the 4th inning of today’s game against the Blue Jays. The 2-run shot tied Judge with Yankee legend Joe DiMaggio for the team’s rookie home run record.Judge still has half a season left.It’s never bad when you play for the Yankees and people are mentioning your name in the same sentence as Joe D.Baseball, guilty..@TheJudge44 keeps the fireworks going!— MLB (@MLB) July 5, 2017last_img

Right on Alex Smith wrong on Joey Bosa

first_imgWhere Colin was wrongJack Del Rio isn’t the answer in Oakland – After a breakout 2016, Colin approved of Oakland head coach Jack Del Rio getting a 4-year extension, but 11 games into this season, the 4-6 Raiders have regressed, look poorly coached, and are losing by an average of two touchdowns in their losses.He thought the Raiders would be the Patriots best competition in the playoffs, but yesterday, the two teams looked like they didn’t even belong on the same field. Colin still loves Derek Carr, but it’s clear that Jack Del Rio isn’t the answer to help him take the next step. Colin was wrong.Brady para @brandincooks 64 yardas ¡Touchdown! ?#PatriotsEnMéxico— Patriots Nation Mx (@patriots_mexico) November 20, 2017 Where Colin was rightReplacing Tyrod Taylor was a panic move – Buffalo shocked pretty much everyone when they announced they were pulling Tyrod Taylor, in favor of rookie Nate Peterman against the Chargers. The move was puzzling to many because Buffalo had a winning record and was competitive for the first time in years.Colin didn’t like it either and thought it wreaked of a panic move from an organization that measuring the success of their season by comparing it to their division rival, New England. Taylor isn’t great, but he’s good enough to win some games and possibly make the playoffs. That’s as good as it’s going to get for the Bills, right now. After 5 first half interceptions by Nate Peterman, it’s clear Colin was right.Joey Bosa hits Peterman in 1.55 secs. Mills oversets/McCoy doesn’t block. Throw gets altered! #Chargers #BUFvsLAC— DLineVids (@DLineVids) November 21, 2017 Advertisement Where Colin was wrongJay Cutler has been a disaster in Miami – When Jay Cutler opted to split from his announcing gig with Fox to reunite with Adam Gase in Miami, Colin thought Cutler could hit the ground running and win some games because of their previous relationship. 11 weeks into the season, it’s safe to call this a complete disaster.After starting the year with a canceled game due to Hurricane Irma, the Dolphins have been ravaged by injury and Cutler has been completely ineffective. Miami needs leadership. Jay Cutler provides whatever the opposite of that is. The result is a bunch of losses and team that’s already thrown in the towel on the season. Colin was wrong.@MiamiDolphins fans tired of Jay Cutler already, booing and chanting “We want Moore!” following an INT. #FinsUp #TENvsMIA #FinsFootball #NFL— Ryan T. Mackman, MHA (@rmackman) October 8, 2017 Where Colin was rightJon Gruden. Is. Not. Taking. The. Tennessee. Job. – Colin has consistently said Jon Gruden isn’t taking the Tennessee job, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill in Knoxville from reaching such an absurd level of insanity that a local restaurant had to tweet an apology for setting the internet on fire with a false rumor that Gruden and Peyton Manning were dining there. Vols fans desperately want this to happen, but Gruden isn’t leaving the booth to take this job.We’d like to take a moment to clear things up as well as apologize. We got excited- like everyone. Please read:— Calhoun’s ?? (@calhouns) November 19, 2017 Where Colin was wrongJoey Bosa is a beast not a bust – Colin thought Joey Bosa had a chance to be one of the biggest busts in the 2016 draft, but Bosa is become arguably the most dominant pass rusher in the NFL in only his second year with 10.5 sacks on the year, and 8 sacks with 3 forced fumbles in his last 6 games. Joey Bosa is a relentless monster.Peterman threw 5 INTs. Joey Bosa crushed him on 4 of them. #BUFvsLAC— Josh Cohen (@jco3215) November 21, 2017 Every week, Colin makes a bunch of predictions. Some hit and some miss, but every Monday, he holds himself accountable in Where Colin was right, where Colin was wrong.Here’s where Colin was on target, and where he misfired after 11 weeks of NFL games, 12 weeks into the college football season, and a month into the NBA regular season.Where Colin was right“New” Alex Smith is still just old Alex Smith – When the Chiefs were dominating teams earlier in the year, many were pushing a narrative that this was a “different Alex Smith,” who wasn’t afraid to throw the ball down the field and could lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl. Where Colin was wrongPaul Chryst has been a home run at Wisconsin – When Wisconsin announced it was signing Paul Chryst to replace the departed Bret Bielema, Colin was underwhelmed. Chryst was 19-19 at Pitt, and Colin didn’t think he was cut out for a top program like Wisconsin. He’s now 32-6 with the Badgers, and has them in the national title hunt. Colin whiffed, Chryst has been a home run.Hornibrook threads the needle for a #Badgers TD!WATCH: #FOXSportsGO— FOX Sports Wisconsin (@fswisconsin) November 18, 2017 Where Colin was rightLeBron and the Cavs are starting to figure it out – After the Cavs terrible start, many were saying the roster was too old, and this was the year LeBron would fail to come out of the East. Colin didn’t see any reason to panic, saying LeBron was just coasting through the meaningless first month of the season and would eventually figure it out like he always does. Now the Cavs have won 5-straight, 7 of 9, and their defensive rotations are significantly improved. LeBron isn’t done yet. Colin was right.A compilation of LeBron James​ daggers from the left wing.— Cavaliers Nation (@WeAreCavsNation) November 15, 2017 Where Colin was rightBrock Osweiler is the worst NFL starting quarterback – After signing a massive free agent contract and bombing in Houston, Osweiler was shipped to the Browns where he was beat out by rookie DeShone Kizer before being cut. After all of that sucking, he somehow managed to land the starting job in Denver. He’s still terrible.  Colin has been out on Brockstar since college. He’s the worst starter in the NFL.Brock Osweiler’s play is giving everyone affiliated with the Broncos CTE, both figuratively and literally #NEvsDEN— NOTSportsCenter (@NOTSportsCenter) November 13, 2017 Colin never bought it and, sure enough, the Chiefs have cooled off and Smith has regressed to the same check down happy, game manager, who shrinks when the weather gets cold. In 16 of Smith’s 25 starts in the last 2 seasons he has 1 or fewer TD passes.  Yesterday against the Giants he had zero. Smith is a good quarterback, but there’s a reason they drafted Pat Mahomes in the first round, last year.last_img read more

Sweeping the Raptors wont keep LeBron in Cleveland

first_imgSweeping the Raptors won’t keep LeBron in ClevelandLeBron and the Cavs put the finishing touches on a convincing sweep of the Raptors, but Colin doesn’t think the current playoff run will play a part in his next free agency ‘decision.’LeBron has always looked at the best overall situation when deciding where to play, and despite the current good vibes in Cleveland, the roster just isn’t good enough to justify staying. When you look at the other potential destinations, all have better rosters than this Cavs team. Adding Paul George would make the Sixers title contendersThe Sixers avoided a sweep by winning Game 4 of their second round playoff series against Boston, and although he believes they’ll still lose the series, Colin thinks there are plenty of reasons for optimism in Philly.Despite trailing 3-1 in the series, the Sixers could easily be leading if not for late game mistakes stemming from their youth and inexperience.  It’s safe to assume that Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid will improve come playoff time next season, and for years to come.The most notable hole on the Philly roster is the lack of a knockdown shooter on the wing, but Colin believes they would immediately contend for a title if they could somehow land Paul George in free agency. If George chooses L.A., as reports indicate, big time free agents will still come eventually. Also:– Colin’s 10 NFL QB’s that are worth their contractcenter_img Guests:Doug Gottlieb – FS1 NBA Insider and host of The Doug Gottlieb Show and the All Ball Podcast is in-studio explaining why the Sixers will dominate the East in the future, not the Celtics; and why LeBron could play with Ben Simmons in Philly.Rob Ryan – Former NFL Defensive Coordinator is in-studio discussing Big Ben’s comments on the Steelers drafting a QB, and why he likes what the Browns could be with Tyrod Taylor.Kenyon Martin –  FS1 NBA Analyst and 14-year NBA veteran is in-studio discussing the odds of LeBron leaving Cleveland; and why the Knicks should be in the mix if he leaves.last_img read more

Middlekauff Kingsburys Offense Feels More Like Chip Kelly Than Sean McVay

first_imgOut on Kingsbury’s O; BIll O’Brien, Bad GM; Jimmy G’s 5 INT’s; Gambling/Weed Acceptance Similar; Middlekauff MailbagIn this episode, Middlekauff explains why he is out on Cardinals wonder boy head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s spread offense succeeding in the pros, why, why Bill O’Brien has proven he’s a bad GM during his interim stint with the Texans, how the freak out over Jimmy Garoppolo’s five practice INT’s shows how obsessed the culture is for football, why the social acceptance of gambling and weed is similar, and answers listener questions in Middlekauff’s Mailbag. New 3 and Out pod: @JohnMiddlekauff is out on Kliff Kingsbury’s over-hyped O and thinks the whole thing feels more like Chip Kelly than Sean McVaySubscribe, rate and listen!iHeart:— TheHerdNow (@TheHerdNow) August 16, 2019Follow John on twitter @JohnMiddlekauff. Download, subscribe to the 3 and Out and all the podcasts from The Herd Podcast Network on Apple, iHeart or wherever you download your podcasts now! Rate 5 Stars and leave your questions in the iTunes comments and John will answer them every week.last_img read more