Adama Traoré: “I won’t have any problem if Madrid calls me”

first_imgHe was about to debut in November, but he was injured, right?I hurt my hamstrings in one of the last races. I tried the physical trainer to be able to go but it gave me punctures. I will continue working to see what happens in the future.Your best asset is your versatility?Lately I have played extreme, forward and lane. My mission is to adapt because each position requires some movements. If I am able to adapt my conditions, I will be a better player.What is the roof of the Wolverhampton?Our roof to face a long championship like the Premier League and another that is also like the Europa League is to think only of the next game. Add. I cannot say that my ambition is to win the Europa League tomorrow when we must first face Espanyol. That is my mentality and that of the entire Wolverhampton. How is your shoulder problems?All right. I stopped exercising because I do not want to get wider from above, but now I do them for the two times that I left the site.Is your spectacular physical change due to motivation or demands of the Premier League?To my mentality of being better day by day, in all areas. Then it is true that the Premier League demands to have a physique to compete. And when I was younger I suffered problems of pubalgia and tendonitis because I was quite fast but my muscles could not stand the braking. I don’t do weights, because I take volume very quickly, but I do a specific job. Let’s talk about your stage in Barcelona. What happened?I was there for ten years, I was young. I even had my chance in the first team. But that was not my decision, you would have to talk to them … There were situations in Barcelona that I did not like, problems with those responsible at the time, and I made the decision to leave. These are things that happened, which I will tell in due course, but for now I prefer to keep for myself.Was he too young?What happened, happened. They made their decisions and I left. Then my stages with Aston Villa and Middlesbrough were tough, which made me grow as a person and player.On some occasion he has been asked about Real Madrid and the door has not been closed. Would you sign for the white club? Do you have resentment, a thorn stuck, for what happened to Barcelona?I have no thorn, no resentment for what happened with Barça. It would not make sense to have a problem with the whole club because of certain people’s decisions. I have many more good memories than bad ones. But when deciding my future, I will have no problem if I should go to Madrid. Everything will be decided based on the offers, what I have to choose with my family. But right now I’m happy here.And the Selection? Have you definitely ruled out playing with Mali?I already communicated that if they call me, my disposition is total to go with the Spanish National Team.If it continues like this, do you see it in the European Championship?My contact was Moreno’s call. From there, I will do my best to be able to be on the list. But the European Championship is far away, my mentality now is to work every day.center_img It wouldn’t be a problem for me. I don’t close any door, that’s the reality. Now I’m happy here, I think we have a great team of people. Being in Europe is a new stage for us and physiotherapists work incredibly on our recovery. From there, the Madrid or Barça will come when I have to arrive, but my mentality is to continue growing as a player.ANDREW BOYERS & nbsp; (Action Images via Reuters) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Adama Traoré goes by speed in Wolverhampton Wanderers-Leicester City last Friday.ANDREW BOYERS (Action Images via Reuters) Now it remains one of the fastest in England …Speed ​​is one of the strengths in my game. I understand that my physique is different, because of the work I have done and because of the genetics I have. Many times in the locker room he makes a joke about my age not matching my physique.Is it true that you destroyed a machine in a gym?It is true, although it was not a weight machine.Forcibly they have reached the 16th of the Europa League. Do you feel favorites against Espanyol?We have a great rival ahead, the challenge is exciting. The favorite tag is put by others. Our mentality is to fight for the game for 90 minutes. Beyond his casualties due to technical decisions or that of Raúl de Tomás, whom I know from the lower categories of the National Team, the fact is that nobody goes out to the field to throw a match.He could still feel a little parakeet when his brother Moha played in the quarry …I could not become a parakeet because I faced him in juveniles, and I was at Barça. So feeling it a lot, I wished him the best but not to the point of feeling parakeet.last_img read more

Gillings’ strike gives FC Reno first RSPL win in six matches

first_imgWESTERN BUREAU:Denmark Gillings had a man-of-the-match performance, scoring his first goal of the season for FC Reno in their 1-0 victory over Harbour View FC, lifting his team to sixth in the Red Stripe Premier League standings.It was their first win in six matches and snapped a series of drawn games that resulted in them sliding into the pack. They are also one point ahead of Harbour View and Boys’ Town, who defeated Arnett Gardens 1-0 yesterday.”Both teams played tactically well, and the win will give us a good feeling for our next game against Tivoli,” cited Reno technical director Wendell Downswell.”It augurs well going forward that we start winning our matches, especially the ones played at home, and today, we did that thanks to that wonderful goal from Gillings,” added Downswell.The pace of the game, particularly in the first half, was nothing to write home about, with the visitors enjoying the better of play.Harbour View had only two shots on goal despite having the lion’s share of possession, and although Nicholas Beckett looked comfortable in midfield, it amounted to little as the Reno defence held firm.Reno handed goalkeeper Dennis Clayton his first start after a long layoff due to injuries, and he did well to keep the score even with a spectacular one-handed save to deny Jorginho James in the 12th minute. Clayton was at full stretch to tip James’ effort over the crossbar with Harbour View threatening.Reno holding-midfielder Romario Downswell had a chance to score, but his header was narrowly off target in the 17th minute.In the second half, Gillings scored from 30 yards out, driving his free-kick out of reach of Harbour View goalkeeper Devon Haughton in the 48th minute.”This is not what we planned at all, coming so far,” said Harbour View coach Ludlow Bernard.”We talked about getting the maximum points from this game, but it was not to be as Reno defended well,” he said.last_img read more

56 suicides in Essequibo in 24 months

first_img…273 attempted cases reported… Govt’s lack of response criticisedOver a two-year period, some 56 Essequibians have committed suicide, signalling the need for more mental health workshops, counselling centres and the active involvement of the Private Sector in curbing the worrying issue of suicide in Essequibo.This is according to statistics provided by the Suddie Public Hospital statistical department in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).According to records from the statistical department, the practice claimed 27 lives in 2015 and 29 in 2016, with 143 attempted cases in 2015 and 130 cases in 2016. Hospital records shows that the most prevalent method used was the consumption of poisonous substances and most cases were as a result of domestic and/or abusive relationships.In the past, key stakeholders and several religious organisations joined the fight against the social ill; however, there is still need for the continuation of these programmes and workshops.People’s Progressive Party, Region Two Councillor, Arnold Adams, Head of the Regional Health and Sanitation Committee said he is appalled by the number of suicide cases within the region. Adams, who presented a report from the last meeting of the Sanitation Committee said a report was submitted to him by a statistical officer on the figures.Based on reports, the majority of the victims were of East Indian descent, with domestic violence playing a major part in their decisions to take their lives. Persons with chronic diseases were also among the victims. Statistics indicate that most of the victims consumed poisonous substances but others also drank kerosene and overdosed on medications.Adams said that many organisations tried counselling, but that has proven ineffective to some extent in slowing the rate of suicide.The Councillor said their needs to be an in-depth analysis of the scourge and called on religious leaders from various faith-based organisations to advise young people as well as give guidance and support where needed. Adams said suicide is not the way out and persons should confide in someone or ‘always keep God close’.The regional Councillor is also urging victims of domestic violence to seek help from counselling centres and mental health clinics, insisting that they report domestic violence matters to the Police. He also strongly urged those abused not to drop the cases against their abusers when it reaches the court.Records indicate the region’s suicide victims were both males and females, ranging in ages from 14 years to 66; with the majority being female. Two persons along the Essequibo Coast have so far taken their lives in 2017.Meanwhile, Government has received heavy criticism from several stakeholders including The Caribbean Voice which has always called for the reimplementation of the Gatekeepers Programme.The organisation in a recent statement pointed out that of the programmes introduced to deal with suicide, in its estimation, the initiative that holds the greatest potential for reducing the incidence of suicide is the Gatekeepers Programme. Here, individuals from communities concerned about the scourge are trained by professionals so that suicidal persons will have culturally compatible persons to whom they can turn.The Caribbean Voice noted the views the Health Ministry’s ‘suicide deterrent measures’ which were introduced with a certain degree of skepticism. For one, efforts to ensure that existing laws and regulations regarding pesticide sale, use and storage, are being enforced, will have no impact unless these attempts are part of a concerted pesticide suicide prevention strategy, such as the Shri Lankan Hazard Reduction Model, which has been lobbied for by The Caribbean Voice since 2015, and which is, by far, the most successful pesticide suicide reduction plan ever. “We strongly believe that should Guyana approach the World Health Organisation, a similar level of assistance may be offered as was available to Shri Lanka,” the organisation pointed out.last_img read more


first_imgVIEWPOINT: From Sean Ruddy, Carndonagh. You can send your viewpoint to don’t need any economics to grasp what Europe and the IMF have just done to the Cypriots. Anybody can imagine how awful it would be to wake up one morning and discover that their savings have just been raided. Over the previous four “rescues” of bust Eurozone countries, the details have always been immersed in technicalities: debt restructuring this, fiscal consolidation that. With Cyprus, however, an immediate tax of up to 10% on savings accounts needs little explaining. Officials may euphemise it as a bail-in but everyone else will agree, it’s a bank robbery.Pensioners are losing part of their retirement savings in order to keep afloat the island’s two big banks. According to the plan announced last weekend poorer Cypriots will be hit with a 6.75% tax on assets so as to cushion the blow on the rich, who will have to cough up 9.9%. Up until last Friday, bank deposits up to €100,000 were officially protected. Come what may, a retiree with a nest-egg of €50,000 would not have lost a cent. She is now €3,375 poorer; her only compensation will be shares in a bust bank. Inevitably, assurances come in that this is strictly a one-off levy. But they are being made by a Cyprus finance minister who just a few days ago waved off any compulsory requisition with the line “there really couldn’t be a more stupid idea”. Whenever the island’s banks reopen, his public can hardly be blamed for pulling out the rest of their savings.There are winners, of course. They number the hedge funds of Mayfair that bought Cyprus government debt betting that the euro elite would implement just such a stupid scheme. They include the dirty-money merchants who launder their cash through the tiny tax haven; under the old scheme, someone with €1m in a broken bank would have lost €900,000 – they now walk away only €99,000 worse off. The Cyprus banking system which, at about eight times the size of its GDP badly needs to be shrunk, will be propped up and go unreformed.And just as northern European politicians were happy to smear the work shy Greeks, so you will surely hear the claim that Cyprus – the Cayman Island of Europe – was always less an economy, and more a financial washing machine. What you won’t get is any explanation for why Cyprus was accepted into the euro just five years ago, why Brussels never tried to clean up the island’s financial system, or what it will do about the latest hot-money destination of Latvia.After all we’ve seen in the past couple of years, it surely comes as no surprise to see yet another euro bailout that punishes ordinary people in order to reflate a broken financial system. Nor is this the first time that unelected officials in Brussels and the IMF have drawn up a programme for political suicide and handed it to a democratically elected government of a small, weak country with the ultimatum to take it or leave it. That will be the lasting lesson from this week: it shows up again just how far the single currency has drifted from all those warm words uttered in the 90s about creating a continental shelter from turbulent globalisation. As we have seen since the sovereign debt crisis began, the euro club has bullied its poorer members into swallowing poisonous austerity and social regressiveness in order to keep a bust system on the road. In so doing they have created the conditions for fascism and racism.This weekend, as details of the Cyprus deal came out; I thought to myself “Is this the European financial system has come down to? A direct appropriation of savings because it cannot cure its systemic problems. It is not just the banks that are bankrupt. It is the whole bloody model that has run its course and we are in denial.”If even the true believers in the euro, the ones who have built their careers on it, now express such fundamental scepticism, you have to wonder how long it will last – or in what form.Sean RuddyThe Old Manse, HIllhead CarndonaghCo DonegalVIEWPOINT: EUROPE’S TREATMENT OF CYPRUS SHOWS THE EURO IS DOOMED was last modified: March 22nd, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Look no Further than Letterkenny Credit Union For Your Home Improvement Needs

first_imgThe trend for home improvements among Irish adults appears to be more popular than ever with a significant two thirds carrying out renovations or DIY in the past three years alone.  The latest research by the Irish League of Credit Unions also found that one fifth are planning to extend their homes in 2017 by either paying for an attic or garage conversion, or building on an extension.Funding home improvements and renovations can be a costly undertaking. A quarter of those polled said they spent between €1,000 and €3,000 on improvements, while four in ten said they spent up to €1,000. With bills like this, it’s understandably many will need a little help to fund their dream DIY projects.Perhaps not surprisingly, of those who said they would borrow to carry out their improvements, 60% said they would use their local credit union – and that’s in no small part because of the great value available.A home improvement loan from Letterkenny Credit Union has a very affordable APR rate of 8.2%*. Not only that, but there are no administration fees or hidden chargers and repayments can be structured in a way that suits everyone’s individual circumstances. Commenting on the loan, Gordon Randles, CEO of Letterkenny Credit Union said:“With home improvements so popular in the Letterkenny area, we’ve been receiving an increasing numbers of enquiries about how our credit union can help. We’ve been telling people that our Home Improvement Loan is offered with realistic terms and repayments can be made in a way that works best for each individual.“There are no penalties for paying a loan back early, and should you need to restructure payments, you are always welcome to talk to us about this. So you can sit back and enjoy your dream home without worrying about the costs.”The national survey also found that laying down new carpets and flooring is the most popular home improvement with 42% reporting they were upgrading their homes in this way. Installing new heating or insulation systems followed closely behind at 38%. Fitting new windows or doors was the third most popular home upgrade at 23%.Gordon continued: “Whatever dream renovations people have planned for their homes in 2017, and no matter how big or small the project might be, we would encourage them to contact us here at Letterkenny Credit Union and find out how we can assist.”For further information please contact: Letterkenny Credit Union on 074 91 24166 or email info@letterkennycu.ieLook no Further than Letterkenny Credit Union For Your Home Improvement Needs was last modified: September 5th, 2017 by Chris McNultyShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:credit unionGordon RandlesletterkennyLetterkenny Credit Unionlast_img read more

Chelsea were ‘lucky’ – Koeman

first_imgSouthampton boss Ronald Koeman felt Chelsea were lucky to come away from St. Mary’s with victory – but blamed his side’s poor ball retention.Shane Long’s goal just before half-time had the Saints in front, and they held that lead until Cesc Fabregas’ freak equaliser, from a cross, in the 75th minute.Chelsea won the match two minutes from time when Branislav Ivanovic thumped home a header from a corner.Koeman said: “You need luck to win games. We won games in the last few weeks that certain points in the game, certain situations, we were a little bit lucky. But that’s football.“You don’t score always like how they scored their first goal, because that’s a little bit lucky. It’s a cross, nobody touches the ball, it goes in.“If the referee whistles for a penalty, [and you go] 2-0 up, you win the game. Football is all about those kind of decisions. We accept it.”Koeman was disappointed with his side’s second-half display, which allowed Chelsea a foothold in the match after their own sluggish performance before the break.He said: “[When] you play against a good team, a better team at the moment than it was at the beginning of the season, with very good players, you need to be perfect in the second half.“We wasn’t because we lost more balls, then you have to drop too much back [in defence].“The second goal is disappointing, because it’s out of a set piece, a corner kick. Normally we’re defending [corners] very good.“It’s the first time in one-and-a-half seasons that we concede a goal straight from a corner kick.”See also:Hiddink explains Baba substitution and praises KenedyFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Birds Excel in Distance, Harmony

first_imgBird feats are outstanding.  Two notable cases were announced this week:Air Marathon:  The longest animal migration in the animal kingdom is performed by the sooty shearwater, reported National Geographic News.  They migrate 40,000 miles a year from New Zealand to the North Pacific, in complex figure-eight patterns that touch the coasts of South America, California Alaska, Korea, Japan, New Zealand and almost to Antarctica.  When crossing the equator they can fly 640 miles in a single day.Choral Wrens:  National Geographic also reported that tropical “Plain-tailed wrens sing what is perhaps the most complex and coordinated birdsong known.”  Groups sing antiphonal renditions of a-b-c-d patterns with 15 variations per phrase.  The males and females alternate the parts.  Researchers found seven birds participating in one of the choruses.  They “are so precise that a casual listener wouldn’t realize there was more than one singer, experts say.” See a picture and description of the sooty shearwater at  The NG article on wrens includes a sound recording of their complex concerts.If birds kept natural history guides, would they publish amazing facts about human feats in airline flight and choral music?  If so, they might remark how wasteful and inefficient our jets are, or how dull and slow our singing is.  But they still might be impressed at how hard we try.(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Celebrating Freedom Day – The Mark That Made a Difference

first_imgCelebrating Freedom Day – The Mark That Made a Difference Johannesburg, Wednesday 25 April 2018 – South Africa celebrates Freedom Day on the 27th April to mark the emancipation of the country and its people from apartheid. In 1994 on 27th April the first democratic election was held in South Africa, this paved the way towards a new democracy and a new constitution for the country.Remembering the mark that made a difference in 1994, Brand South Africa’s Constitutional Awareness programme, in collaboration with Freedom Park, will host intergenerational dialogues, in order to inspire constitutionalism, tolerance and constructive expression #makeyourmark.Ahead of Freedom Day on 27th April 2018, Brand South Africa will encourage youth participation in the Freedom Day programme and other days of national significance to guide in constructing an intergenerational future for the country through the lessons of the past.Brand South Africa is also driving dialogues on social media platform through its campaign – The Mark That Made a Difference #makeyourmark on the progress South Africa has made in the past 24 years.Under the theme – “Our Freedom Charter, Constitution: The Bill of Rights, the fundamental rights of every South African”The Freedom Day programme will run as follows;Freedom Park’s Intergenerational DialogueThe Intergenerational Dialogue will create an engaging and interactive platform with the Stalwarts of Freedom to share, discuss and educate the youth and students, the road the people and this country has travelled to shape the remarkably unique, detailed and inclusive constitution including our Bill of Rights, that we now enjoy.Date: Thursday, 26 April 2018Time:  10:00am until 14:00pmVenue:  Freedom Park, The Sanctuary venue in the Park Film Screening of Long Walk to Freedom An outdoor film screening of Long Walk to Freedom, which will be free to the public. The remarkable life of South African revolutionary, late former president and world icon Nelson Mandela takes center stage. From humble beginnings as a herd boy in a rural village to became involved in the anti-apartheid movement and co-founded the African National Congress Youth LeagueDate: Friday, 27 April 2018Time:  12h00pm gates openVenue:  Freedom Park, The Sanctuary venue in the Park#Singabantu Fundraising Fashion show#Singabantu – We are human is an Afro phobia awareness short film shot in the remains of a Rosettenville house burnt to the ground during service delivery protests that turned into a nationwide wave of Afro phobic attacks. The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Plural plus award-winning web-film calls for unity, love and tolerance. The web-film was produced by a Play Your Part Ambassador, Sophie Kanza, from the Sophie Kanza Foundation, in collaboration with youth from various African countries, living in South Africa. The web-film is aligned to and has the support of Brand South Africa’s #INSPIREDBYMYCONSTITUTION campaign.Date: Saturday, 28 April 2018Time:  18:30pm for 19:00pmVenue:  Asanka Resturant Cnr and, Rivonia Rd & Mutual Rd, Sandton, 2128Speaking on the objectives of the programme, Brand South Africa’s Stakeholder Relations Manager for Government, Ms Toni Gumede said; “we trust the Freedom Day programme will highlight the fruits of Freedom and popularise the Constitution as well as inspire active citizenship, intergenerational conversations and urge the youth and all citizens to #makeyourmark”.Join and follow the conversations on The Mark That Made a Difference #makeyourmark BrandSouthAfrica and @Brand_SAlast_img read more

Do Window Shades Save Energy?

first_img_Yes, but high-performance windows and exterior shading may save more_While it’s theoretically impossible for anything to actually save energy, interior window shades can indeed keep summer heat out and winter heat in. The real questions then become: How well do they perform, and under what circumstances?In the summer, shades keep out heat, but they also block lightInterior shades (and drapes, blinds, and the like) can reflect light energy back out that would otherwise be converted to heat energy inside the home. According to the authors of the best resource on the topic, Residential Windows (Carmody, Selkowitz, Arasteh, and Heschong), “drapes can reduce the solar heat gain coefficient of clear glass from 20 to 70 percent.” That’s a pretty big range. How well drapes exclude heat depends on the shade’s color (silver would be the best, black would be worst) and their proper use. They can’t block anything if they are not closed, and when they are closed, you of course can’t see anything out of the window, and you need to turn on a light inside (so, laws of thermodynamics notwithstanding, are they really saving energy?).Exterior shading, on the other hand, performs better all around: It can deflect 100% of the direct solar gain, does not depend on occupant operation, and does not eliminate views. So, interior shades do work to reduce direct solar heat gain, they just do it rather poorly in the grand scheme of things.In the winter, shades reduce radiant heat lossYou will see claims of up to R-8 by some manufacturers of interior shades in terms of reducing heat loss. Just as with insulation in a wall cavity, the insulating value of a window shade depends on a continuous air barrier being right next to it. How many of these interior thermal shades have an airtight seal around their perimeter? None that I have seen; instead, convective currents short-circuit the shades’ thermal performance. It is hard to say just exactly what their performance is, because there is no standardized third-party testing of window shades, as there is for windows. But be happy with a couple or so Rs, not R-8. And once again, you have to operate the shades to get their best performance. Leave them down or closed on a day that turns sunny, and you have a net loss of energy. Open or up at night—oops.Interior shades can make rooms more comfortable. They have been shown to boost thermal comfort (raise the mean radiant temperature) by as much as 5°F. But just as with overall energy efficiency, improvements in thermal comfort with interior shades depend on how well the windows work to begin with. Improvements are highest and most noticeable with older, poorly performing windows. That bears repeating: Improvements are highest and most noticeable with older, poorly performing windows. Or put another way, good windows work better than shades.So, interior shades can keep your house cooler in the summer (during the day) and warmer in the winter (at night). But for real energy savings and overall performance, go with high-performance windows and exterior shading, and relegate interior shading to handling privacy. After all, you put those holes in your walls for the views and the free light!—Peter Yost is Director-Residential Services atGreenBuildingAdvisor and BuildingGreen.last_img read more

Crocodile released into Chambal after village stint

first_imgForest officials on Friday captured a crocodile from a pond , a week after the reptile had drifted into a village near Agra causing panic among the locals. The nearly four-year-old Mugger crocodile was caught using a trap cage and later released into the Chambal. The river has a large breeding population of mugger crocodiles and gharials, as part of the State’s conservation project.The crocodile was sighted in the Amar Singh ka Pura village in Pinahat area, a few kms away from the Chambal River. The locals alerted the forest department, which along with Wildlife SOS, an NGO that rescues and rehabilitates wildlife animals in distress, carried out the operation.Since it was difficult to spot the crocodile in the muddled waters , , the officials initially decided to empty the pond but set up a trap cage on the banks of the pond on May 16.“”The crocodile eventually emerged on Friday and was lured into the trap cage’’ said Wildlife SOS.Baiju Raj M.V, director conservation projects, Wildlife SOS said the trap cage with bait was set up as they “wanted to avoid capturing the reptile by force and causing it any harm.’’ The crocodile was a juvenile and was approximately six years old, he added.No harmAshok Sharma, range forest officer (Pinahat), told The Hindu that though the crocodile stayed in the village pond for over a week and was regularly sighted, it did not attack any human. “We, however, did receive complaints from the people of the Valmiki community who live close to the pond that the crocodile took away their ducks and hens,’’ said Mr. Sharma.The officer said he could not yet explain how the crocodile reached the village pond as the Chambal River, its natural habitat, was more than 3 kms away.Meanwhile, officials had set up another trap in the area after locals claimed that a second crocodile was sighted. Vulnerable speciesThe Mugger crocodile (Crocodylus palustris), also called the Indian or marsh crocodile, was listed ‘Vulnerable’ on the IUCN Reed List and was protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Kartick Satyanarayan, CEO of Wildlife SOS said, “Crocodiles are met with fear and hostility leading to incidents of human conflict with this species.”last_img read more