Hazard must learn to handle expectations at Chelsea, says Ballack

first_imgChelsea star Eden Hazard needs to handle expectations if he is to produce his very best form for the club, former midfielder Michael Ballack has said.The Belgium international inspired Chelsea to a Premier League and League Cup double in 2014-15, but endured a hugely disappointing campaign last year as the champions finished 10th in the top flight.Manager Antonio Conte said last month that Hazard, along with Chelsea’s other leading players, “must understand that there is the ability to work to prove and to show that, ‘Now I am a top player, but I want to become top, top, top and want to stay there'”.And Ballack, who won the Premier League, League Cup and three FA Cups during his Stamford Bridge career, has urged the 25-year-old to embrace his position as the club’s biggest star.”He was struggling a bit last year,” he told Omnisport. “Players like him, who are, in my eyes, very emotional players, they need a kind of warm environment, a good relationship with everyone – especially the coach – to perform.”And he has unbelievable talent. I mean, the expectations to handle that and to bring it at the right time on the pitch is the key question for him.”He’s getting older now as well and it’s not his first season at Chelsea anymore. So all the fans and the club expect a lot from him and I think he needs to understand he’s one of the key players, if not the key player, of that team.”He got the captain’s armband for his Belgium team from the [former] coach Marc Wilmots, which shows his attention. He gave him this responsibility to understand.”He’s not just a winger to perform some days to show his incredible talent. No, there’s much more about leadership and what he brings to the team because he has this incredible talent. But there’s something above that – not just to perform but have this responsibility for the team.”If I see to the right and to the left I don’t see a player on this team on his level. And he needs to understand that, and then I think he will bring his talent on the pitch and also has this impact to his team-mates. Because that’s what I expect from a big player – to have this impact on his team-mates as well, to push them as well, in terms of performing.”Hazard converted a penalty as Chelsea began their Premier League campaign with a 2-1 win over West Ham on Monday. They travel to Vicarage Road to take on Watford on Saturday.last_img read more

Past the finishing post

first_imgTrack: Sloppy after 4th raceWeather: Overcast, rainRace 1 1500 M (Purse $768,000) NB3YO(NW2)IMP3YO&UP(MDN)-REST.ALL.II*1. AWESOME DESTINY SEllis 54.02. WILL IN CHARGE DaneNelson 52.5 Head3. MY COMPANION OEdwards3 50.0 7L4. COUNTER ATTACK DDawkins4 49.5 NeckWIN: $101.00PLACE: $51.00, $51.00, $53.00Final Time : 1:34.1 Splits : 24.3, 48.3, 1:13.3Winner : 3yo b filly – AFLEET EXPRESS – SEEK(USA)Trainer : GARY SUBRATIE Owner : WE’RE FAMILYBred by C.KIDDER, N.COLE, J.K GRIGGS & LINDA GRIGGSQu: $103.00 Ex: $186.00Trifecta: $92.00Race 2 1100 M (Purse $530,000)NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE V(NW2)*1. SUPERTRONICS RHalledeen 56.02. BIMINI EMurray 54.0 6L3. TASHIE BABY HPottinger4 51.0 2 1/2L4. MEET JUSTIN SMuir 53.0 3/4LWIN: $83.00PLACE: $55.00, $55.00, $104.00Final Time : 1:08.0 Splits : 23.4, 47.1Winner : 4yo ch colt – SEEKING THE GLORY – SUPER LASSTrainer : WAYNE DACOSTA Owner : CARLTON WATSONBred by ORANGE VALLEY ESTATES LTD.Qu: $150.00 Ex: $206.00D/E: $189.00Superfecta: $2,624.00Race 3 1000 M (S) (Purse $560,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE III(NW3O/T)1. COME DANCE WITH ME DDawkins4 48.5*2. BIG GEORGE OWalker 53.0 Head3. DREAMCOMETRUE DaneNelson 54.0 1 1/4L4. ANOTHER BULLET BebHarvey3 54.0 NeckWIN: $172.00Final Time : 0:58.1 Splits : 22.2, 44.3Winner : 4yo ch filly – BLUE PEPSI LODGE – SOCA DANCERTrainer: ANTHONY NUNES Owner: STEPHAN A NARINESINGHBred by HOWARD L. HAMILTONQu: $186.00 Ex: $445.00D/E: $520.00Trifecta: $375.00Rolling Triple: $941.00Race 4 1000 M (R) (Purse $500,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($180,0)/NB6YO&UP(NW3)1. FABULOUSCONNECTION HPottinger4 50.52. GRAND TRAIN LSteadman3 54.0 2 3/4L3. CLASSICAL TRAIN SMuir 55.0 3 1/2L4. REAL VIBES MACHINE RWilson 56.0 Neck5. MANDEYA BBell 57.0 1/2LDNF #4 POWER OF THE CAT RHalledeen 55.0 7/2WIN: $562.00PLACE: $157.00, $123.00, $62.00Final Time : 1:03.1 Splits : 23.3, 48.3, ,Winner : 10yo b horse – SKIPPING – SPIRIT OF JAMAICATrainer : PAUL SMITH Owner : DELETA BREWSTERBred by JACK DELISSERQu: $4,159.00 Ex: $7,543.00D/E: $2,669.00Trifecta: $7,172.00Hi-5: $218,062.50Rolling Triple: $7,090.00Race 5 1000 M (S) (Purse $530,000)4-Y-O & UP CLM($250,0-$210,0)/NB5YO(NW2)&6YO&UP(NW4)1. ABOGADO JErwin 53.02. AQUILO RLahoe 54.0 9/5 1 1/2L*3. CLEARLY OURS SMuir 52.0 5 1/2L4. BATTLE SONG AChatrie 52.5 2 1/2LWIN: $599.00PLACE: $104.00, $58.00, $64.00Final Time : 0:59.3 Splits : 23.0, 46.1Winner : 4yo b colt – LEGAL PROCESS – FIRSTBORNTrainer : ROBERT DARBY (SR) Owner : ROBERT A DARBY (SR)Bred by PERCY TOMLINSONQu:) $902.00 Ex: $2,929.00D/E: $8,941.00Superfecta: $3,535.00Rolling Triple: $31,329.00Race 6 1400 M (Purse $768,000)NB3-Y-O MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT1. SOY EL SENOR LSteadman3 53.0 2/12. IAN LINKS OWalker 54.0 4 1/2L3. CLASSY AVIATOR AChatrie 52.0 Sh.Head*4. GOLDEN GLORY OEdwards3 50.0 3L5. BIG AL SEllis 54.0 2 1/4L6. DUSSELDORF AMartin 54.0 1 1/2LWIN: $158.00PLACE: $65.00, $93.00, $109.00Final Time : 1:28.2 Splits : 24.0, 48.1, 1:14.3,Winner : 3yo gr colt – HE’STHEREALTHING – JOSE MARSANTrainer : ANTHONY NUNES Owner : RAWDON K PERSADBred by RAWDON PERSADQu: $586.00 Exacta: $935.00D/E: $1,686.00Trifecta: $532.00Hit-6: $15,208.50Rolling Triple: $32,022.00Pick-4: $91,264.00Super-6: $172,536.50Race 7 1600 M (Purse $590,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($450,0-$400,0)/NB5YO(NW4)1. BRAVE PROSPECT RWilson 54.0*2. BOLD AVIATOR AChatrie 55.0 2L3. OUR CREATION RHalledeen 54.0 3 1/2L4. STAR NEW VISTA OnBeckford4 51.0 HeadWIN: $266.00PLACE: $72.00, $55.00, $58.00Final Time : 1:42.3 Splits : 24.4, 48.1, 1:14.0,Winner : 4yo b colt – SEEKING THE GLORY – GOOD PROSPECTTrainer : VICTOR WILLIAMS Owner: VICTOR WILLIAMSBred by FRANCIS BARNETT, EDISON CHAI & LOUIS LYNQu: $244.00 Ex: $513.00D/E: $2,454.00Trifecta: $517.00Rolling Triple: $38,865.00Race 8 1000 M (R) (Purse $500,000) NB4-Y-O & UP MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT1. SLEW DI CLOCK AChatrie 55.0*2. OPTIMUS JInnis4 51.0 1L 102.003. SONG ON TRACK RoshJohnson4 52.0 1 1/4L4. BRAVE HEART CBudhai 55.0 2 1/4L5. CHEXIMAKIT AMartin 54.0 1/2LLate scratch : #5 IMAGE EMPRESSWIN: $247.00PLACE: $120.00, $102.00, $303.00Final Time : 1:03.2 Splits : 24.0, 48.3Winner : 4yo b colt – CLOCK WORK – SHOW ME SLEWTrainer : EDWARD WALKER Owner : LOPEZ DREAM STABLESBred by ALLAN FLOWERSQu: $266.00 Ex: $666.00D/E: $1,682.00 (1-5) $387.00Trifecta: $1,535.00Hi-5: $105,020.50Rolling Triple: $6,328.00Race 9 1300 M (Purse $780,000) 3-Y-O & UP OVERNIGHT ALLOWANCE1. EDISON BebHarvey3 53.02. SHINING LIGHT AChatrie 52.0 Neck3. HOVER CRAFT OWalker 56.0 1L4. RED FLAG RMairs 53.5 Sh.Head*5. COMMANDING CHIEF DaneNelson 56.0 1/2LWIN: $225.00PLACE: $129.00, $82.00, $91.00Final Time : 1:19.3 Splits : 23.3, 46.3, 1:11.3,Winner: 7yo b horse – OUTRIGGER – PERFECT TENTrainer: RICHARD AZAN Owner : ELITE BLOODSTOCK LIMITEDBred by DAVE A. GIROD & LAURENCE E. HEFFESQu: $561.00 Ex: $1,219.00D/E: $1,060.00Trifecta: $982.00Hi-5: $4,951.00Rolling Triple: $13,194.00Race 10 1500 M (Purse $560,000)NB5-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE IV(NW3)1. LUCKYBEGOOD DaneNelson 52.5*2. NATASHADONTPLAY RMairs 53.5 Neck3. LITTLE RHEA JInnis4 49.5 19/1 2 1/2L4. TRACKING DANIEL OEdwards3 50.0 3/4L5. SURE MAN JErwin 54.5 3 1/4L6. RASHAIDA RLahoe 51.5 1/2LDNF: #11 KABRINA JPatterson4 48.5Late scratch : #10 LITTLE TUFF MANWIN: $271.00PLACE: $127.00, $109.00, $208.00Final Time : 1:37.2 Splits : 24.2, 48.2, 1:14.3Winner : 5yo ch filly – BURNING MARQUE – LITTLERICHGIRLTrainer : BERNARD VINCENT Owner : GORDON BUCKNOR & MEGAN L. VERGO-BUCKNORBred by GREGORY BUCKNORQu: $673.00 Ex: $1,556.00D/E: $1,705.00Trifecta: $4,768.00Hi-5 Carry-over : $104,861.25Rolling Triple: $10,718.00Pick-4: $82,108.00Super-6: $14,428.70 Carry-over: $1,341,873.00Pick-9: $27,008.50; $686.50Carry-over : $1,976,391.90PlacePot 8: $44,141.00last_img read more

Cosby’s terrier puts on the dog

first_imgBill Cosby’s terrier bounced into the show ring, wagging his tail as if a tasty liver treat were in sight. Harry walked onto the green carpet at Madison Square Garden and it was no competition. Of the 2,628 entries at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, little Harry was the only Dandie Dinmont. So he merely needed to take a leisurely stroll to win best of breed Monday. “It’s kind of a luxurious feeling,” star handler Bill McFadden said. “The breed judging can be the hardest part.” “He loves to show. He walked in there, heard the crowd and it was like, `Oh, I’m here.”‘ The 6-year-old Harry is royalty in the show world and fittingly, he’s named for Prince Harry. He’s playful and a bit of a mischief maker – much like his namesake. He’s also the No. 1 show dog in America, winning 57 events last year. And that makes him a top favorite at the No. 1 dog show in the country. A toy poodle bred in Japan, an English springer spaniel that won the recent AKC/Eukanuba event, a top Sealyham terrier and a precious Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen also were among the main contenders for best in show, to be presented shortly before 11 p.m. Tuesday. Westminster is a champions-only show for purebreds, and many dogs come with interesting back stories. There is a vizsla that was bitten by a rattlesnake, a dachshund that looks for bones on archaeological digs and a Great Dane that posed on David Bowie’s album cover. With 165 breeds and varieties, the dogs come in all shapes, sizes and ages. There’s a Tibetan spaniel only 13 months old and a schipperke named Nan that’s 13 years old. “I think in human years, he’d be about 77,” said Graham Mocklow, from Bermuda and, indeed, wearing shorts. “He’s got a little gray under his muzzle but other than that, he’s as young as ever.” Among the missing: Rufus and Vivi. Rufus, whose perfect football-size noggin made him head of the class last year, has retired. Vivi, the 3-year-old whippet who ran away at Kennedy Airport last February right after winning a ribbon, is still missing. – Associated Press160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

Southgate backs ‘strong’ Sterling to survive tattoo row

first_imgLucy Cope, who founded Mothers Against Guns after her son Damian was shot dead outside a club in July 2012, said the depiction was “totally unacceptable”.Sterling said the unfinished tattoo served as a reminder of his vow never to touch guns after his father was shot to death in his native Jamaica when he was just two years old.Southgate was asked whether he had spoken to Sterling about the need for England stars to be beyond reproach given the potential for influencing impressionable children who idolise them.But Southgate fully backed Sterling and expects his player to cope with the row.“He knows he’s got our support, he understands how some people have perceived the tattoo. But in my view a tattoo is like any work of art,” Southgate told reporters at England’s hotel on Friday. “It’s a very individual meaning, the intent is all with the individual and the person.“I suppose when you’re a high profile young man or woman and you’re in the public eye there will be intrusion into your life – that’s the world we’re in but he’s very focused on playing and working with us.”Speaking ahead of England’s World Cup warm-up against Nigeria at Wembley on Saturday, Southgate added: “What has been clear by his own statement and his own experiences is that he is not someone who supports or wants to promote guns in the way that was perceived at first.“It’s something he’s had to get on with this week but he’s a very strong individual and he’s looking forward to the game.”– Great example –After a superb season with Premier League champions City, Sterling is likely to be one of Southgate’s key men in Russia, where England face Tunisia, Panama and Belgium in Group G.And the England boss offered a strong defence of Sterling’s character amid calls from some quarters for him to be disciplined over the tattoo.Describing Sterling as a great inspiration to youngsters from all backgrounds, Southgate said: “I think the personal story of a lot of our players is quite remarkable.“People often highlight the issues, the faults, of all of the squad, but for so many of them it’s incredible they’ve got to the point they have.“They are a great example to young kids of what you can achieve with your life if you are dedicated, if you are focused.“Raheem embodies that. Nothing is given to you in life, you have to fight all the way.”Southgate said he doesn’t think it is right to clamp down on players expressing themselves with tattoos.“The tattoo was done a few months ago and there were pictures of him with it while he was in a Man City kit. You have to decide why it’s a story now and not then,” he said.“Tattoos are very personal. A lot of our players have tattoos and they are wrapped up in a lot of deep stories.“I don’t see why we should be involved in policing that.”Sterling also has the support of his team-mates, according to Manchester United and England forward Jesse Lingard.“We’ve reassured him, that’s what friends are for, that’s what team-mates are for,” Lingard said.“This England team is a tight-knit group, we stick together through the ups and downs, the negatives and the positives.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000England manager Gareth Southgate has backed Raheem Sterling over his tattoo controversy © AFP / Oli SCARFFLondon, United Kingdom, Jun 1 – England manager Gareth Southgate insists Raheem Sterling does not deserve to be hounded after the controversy caused by his tattoo of an M16 assault rifle.Manchester City striker Sterling, 23, posted a picture of himself training with his England team-mates with a tattoo of the rifle on the winger’s right calf clearly visible.last_img read more

747 to land on top of Valley’s 818

first_imgForget living in “The 818.” Overwhelmed by demand for new lines, the telephone area code that has defined the San Fernando Valley for more than two decades is quickly running out. And the California Public Utilities Commission now is considering adding a 747 area code to the Valley because the remaining 818 numbers are expected to be used up within the next two years. Options include dividing the Valley geographically into two area-code zones, roughly along east-west lines, or simply assigning the new 747 code to all new phone lines no matter where they are in the Valley. But the plans came as a shock Thursday to many Valley officials and activists who have long touted 818 as a virtual symbol of the Valley’s unique identity and who had no idea a Valley 747 was in the works. “One would hope that the PUC would be reaching out to local business groups on a policy change as significant as this,” said Brendan Huffman, president of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association. “But you can’t rely on governmental agencies to always do that, especially when they’re located in Northern California.” Susan Carothers, spokeswoman for the commission, said the agency plans to publicize the plan soon and has scheduled a series of public hearings in the Valley next month. But while Valley residents’ comments are welcome, there is virtually nothing that can stop the new area code from coming, and the hearings will focus more on how to implement it rather than whether it is necessary. Carothers said the change is driven by the region’s growing population and the proliferation of multiple electronic devices that require additional phone lines. “Times have changed dramatically in California,” she said. “We now have 37 million people. Everybody and their brother has a cell phone, a fax, a pager. “Some have two or three telephone lines. They all require area codes and prefixes, so it’s no surprise that they would be running short.” The change, however, is expected to generate strident opposition from residents who don’t want to have to dial 11 digits to reach their neighbors and from business owners who don’t want to reprogram all their machines and print new stationery. There are also some who just feel the lone area code of 818 helps define the Valley as a single, unified region. “We have fought to have our own census district, our own statistical district – all these things we’ve been fighting for to make the Valley a unique place,” said City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel. “This would challenge that ability.” The 818 area code was created in 1984 when the Valley was split from the Los Angeles 213 code. Some longtime community residents recall few protests at the time, in part because Valley people saw the code as a reflection that their area was developing its own identity. In popular culture, 818 has sometimes been used as a shorthand moniker for the Valley itself. The projection that the Valley will run out of 818 numbers by late 2009 comes from the North American Numbering Plan Administration. The service is operated by Virginia-based NeuStar Inc. and oversees the national telephone numbering system. And this is not the first time the administration has made such a projection about 818. In 1999-2000, the PUC also considered adding 747 to the Valley, based on administration projections that 818 would be exhausted within a year or two. But local residents loudly protested, and lawmakers forced state and federal officials to admit there were thousands of numbers still within 818 that were sitting around unused. At the time, federal rules called for numbers to be allocated to phone companies an entire prefix at a time, meaning a block of 10,000 numbers. In many cases, smaller carriers needed only 500 or 1,000 numbers per prefix, leaving large chunks simply unassigned, yet unavailable to other carriers. Amid the protests, the federal government changed the rules so numbers are now allocated in blocks of 1,000. The PUC then backed off its proposed 818 split. City Councilman Richard Alarc n, a former state lawmaker who helped fight the earlier 818 split, said that experience has led him to question the need this time, too. “I recognize that the changes are necessary over time, but they must make a solid case,” Alarc n said. “Given the experience seven years ago, people should be skeptical.” Alarc n said he plans to ask the city’s chief legislative analyst to track the issue and report to the council. But some telecommunications experts say an 818 split may now be inevitable because the numbers truly are being exhausted, and there is no easy fix this time. Jerome Candelaria, vice president of the California Cable & Telecommunications Association, said the industry tried seven years ago to get numbers allocated individually, rather than in blocks of 1,000. That would have helped small cable companies trying to offer telephone service in competition with phone giants like AT&T. But the federal government determined that 1,000 was the smallest feasible block because of technical reasons, and Candelaria said his group and others have not been able to disprove that finding. That means the latest projections of the need for another area code in the Valley are likely to be correct. “I don’t have any reason to question whether NeuStar is accurately depicting what is needed,” Candelaria said. harrison.sheppard@dailynews.com (916) 446-6723160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgJudge Keenan Johnson: Refused appeal by McFaddenA CO DONEGAL man who fled a car crash scene leaving two people trapped inside another car has had a two-year driving ban upheld.John Paul McFadden, of Derryreel, Dunfanaghy, pleaded guilty in the District Court to offences relating to an incident at Teevickmoy, Ballybofey, on June 2, 20102. The 20-year-old had appealed to the Circuit Court against the driving ban after admitting dangerous driving and failing to remain at the scene of the crash.A young man and his girlfriend had to be later cut from the car McFadden drove into.It was overturned on its side and they had to be cut from their car by the fire brigade as McFadden ran off.A solicitor said McFadden had changed his ways, had started a FAS course to become a stonemason and need his license to travel to Gaoth Dobhair.Judge Keenan Johnson said however that McFadden had “scarpered” from the scene and it was fortunate no-one had been seriously injured in the crash.The judge said anyone who did this “cannot expect to keep your license.”He added: “I would be failing in my duty to society if I was to reduce that sentence – it just has to be disqualification for two years.”JUDGE REFUSES TO OVERTURN DRIVING BAN ON MAN WHO FLED CRASH SCENE was last modified: February 23rd, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:driving banFalcarraghjudge keenan johnsonlast_img read more

Slaven Bilic in positive mood as West Ham look to wreck Tottenham’s title bid

first_img1 Slaven Bilic says West Ham are ready to finally banish the threat of relegation – while hammering a huge dent in Tottenham’s title hopes.Spurs could go into the weekend just one point behind leaders Chelsea with victory at the London Stadium on Friday night.But the Hammers still need a point or two to take themselves out of the equation at the foot of the table, and Bilic knows a win against their London rivals would be the perfect way to do it.“This is a big match anyway,” said the West Ham boss.“It is a derby, whether you need the points or not, it’s a derby game against Spurs at our stadium.“They need points, we need points, so it is massive game for us and a massive game for them. We will try to get the points that will mathematically secure our status.“You don’t need extra motivation when you play against Tottenham. Last season’s game at Upton Park, when we beat them 1-0, was one of the most electrifying atmospheres.“It is a big game for us, a big game for the supporters, it is under the lights which is always a special one, and we are ready for it.”West Ham are also desperate to finally christen their new stadium with a major scalp, having taken some pastings from the likes of Arsenal and Manchester City this season.But Bilic admits his side face a daunting task against the team he feels are playing the best football in the Premier League.“I have nothing but praise for Chelsea, I have great respect for them to make the gap they have,” he added.“Don’t get me wrong, Chelsea deserve to be on top, but Spurs are playing maybe the best football.“Spurs have been in good form for the past couple of months and are playing good. But we have to be positive.“We are four games unbeaten and have three cleans sheets as well. Our form has improved and we are positive and optimistic.”Bilic will hand Andy Carroll a late fitness test on the groin problem which has sidelined him for the last two matches, while fellow striker Diafra Sakho will miss the rest of the season with a back injury. Slaven Bilic last_img read more

Finn Harps parody Leo Sherlock’s apology in witty tweet

first_imgFinn Harps FC have thrown major shade at TheLiberal.ie founder Leo Sherlock by parodying his apology to two major news companies.Sherlock was ordered to issue an apology following copyright claims from Independent Newspapers and court reporting agency CCC Nuacht, occurring between June 2015 and November 2016.As the apology is an image, it cannot be copied or searched for on search engines. When it first appeared, it was almost indecipherable due to the very light pink text on a white background. As an image, readers weren’t even able to highlight the text to make it easier to read. The text was changed to a darker pink in the hours following its publication. Before the image containing Sherlock’s statement, it states that writers who were “very young” and were “unaware of the mechanics of the news industry” were to blame for stories and images to be used without permission of the entities who owned them.Poking fun at Sherlock’s apology, Finn Harps FC today tweeted “we promise it’ll be original” in a light pink typeface ahead of tonight’s clash with Bohs.#UTH #UnifyAndDefy pic.twitter.com/9QKHylFGOb— Finn Harps FC (@FinnHarpsFC) July 14, 2017Legal representative for CCC Nuacht Teo Rossa McMahon said; “Those proceedings arose out of articles entirely written by my client’s reporters which were copied and published on TheLiberal.ie without license or payment. “These articles were reports of criminal proceedings written by expert court reporters who attended the criminal proceedings reported on.”According to the Irish Times, CCC Nuacht aren’t exactly thrilled with Sherlock’s apology.Finn Harps parody Leo Sherlock’s apology in witty tweet was last modified: July 14th, 2017 by Elaine McCalligShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:ccc nuachtfinn harpsindependent newspapersleo sherlocklast_img read more

Philly-Based Startup Accelerator Now Accepting Summer Applications

first_imgOne the interesting differences for startups on the east coast compared to the west coast is how much more compact the east coast is. For Silicon Valley, the nearest major metro cities are 400 to 800 miles away, which makes the San Francisco area much more secluded. Boston, New York, Washington D.C. and Baltimore are all within a short drive of each other, which makes the sharing of resources, talent pools and events much easier that on the west coast. Philadelphia, conveniently located between Washington D.C. and New York, is home to DreamIt Ventures, which is now accepting applications for its 2010 summer accelerator class.Until March 22, entrepreneurs with an idea and a team can apply to receive up to $30,000 in capital as well as office space, mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and exposure to investors. The accepted groups will benefit from both the guidance of DreamIt’s newest partner, Kerry Rupp, formerly of Classmates.com, Jobster, and LexisNexis, as well as the firm’s partnership with StartL, a startup accelerator focused on education services. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market “Our first two classes of DreamIt companies were exceptional,” said DreamIt founding partner Mike Levinson. “We expect this year to be our best class yet. We will have more applicants than ever before, impressive new mentors and a more vibrant community of investors keeping an eye on our companies.”DreamIt’s accelerator has produced a handful of success stories in the past, including NoteHall which was featured on ABC’s prime-time television show Shark Tank where they were awarded funding. Additionally, SeatGeek, an online ticket pricing service, went on to secure over $500,000 in funding, and location-based gaming company SCVNGR has received $4 million in funding from Google Ventures and currently serves over 400 clients. According to SCVNGR CEO Seth Priebatsch, the company “would be nowhere near where it is now without DreamIt’s help.”The three month program seems like an excellent incubator option for any east coast startup looking to secure some early funding while collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs. DreamIt also accepts applications from individual programmers and strategists looking to be paired up with a team, so the program can also help startups fill their ranks.Photo by Flickr user enfi. chris cameron Tags:#events#start Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

The science of the floating arm trick

first_imgPress the backs of your hands against the inside of a door frame for 30 seconds—as if you’re trying to widen the frame—and then let your arms down; you’ll feel something odd. Your arms will float up from your sides, as if lifted by an external force. Scientists call this Kohnstamm phenomenon, but you may know it as the floating arm trick. Now, researchers have studied what happens in a person’s brain and nerve cells when they repress this involuntary movement, holding their arms tightly by their sides instead of letting them float up. Two theories existed as to how this repression worked: The brain could send a positive “push down” signal to the arm muscles at the same time as the involuntary “lift up” signal was being transmitted to cancel it out; or the brain could entirely block the involuntary signal at the root of the nerves. The new study, which analyzed brain scans and muscle activity recordings from 39 volunteers, found that the latter was true—when a person stifles Kohnstamm phenomenon, the involuntary “lift” signal is blocked before it reaches the muscle. The difference between the repression mechanisms may seem subtle, but understanding it could help people repress other involuntary movements—including the tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease and the tics associated with Tourette syndrome, the team reports online today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.(Video credit: Miura Hawkins, Magali Chytiris, Arko Ghosh/Institute of Neuroinformatics, University of Zurich, and ETH Zurich)Sign up for our daily newsletterGet more great content like this delivered right to you!Country *AfghanistanAland IslandsAlbaniaAlgeriaAndorraAngolaAnguillaAntarcticaAntigua and BarbudaArgentinaArmeniaArubaAustraliaAustriaAzerbaijanBahamasBahrainBangladeshBarbadosBelarusBelgiumBelizeBeninBermudaBhutanBolivia, Plurinational State ofBonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaBosnia and HerzegovinaBotswanaBouvet IslandBrazilBritish Indian Ocean TerritoryBrunei DarussalamBulgariaBurkina FasoBurundiCambodiaCameroonCanadaCape VerdeCayman IslandsCentral African RepublicChadChileChinaChristmas IslandCocos (Keeling) IslandsColombiaComorosCongoCongo, The Democratic Republic of theCook IslandsCosta RicaCote D’IvoireCroatiaCubaCuraçaoCyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkDjiboutiDominicaDominican RepublicEcuadorEgyptEl SalvadorEquatorial GuineaEritreaEstoniaEthiopiaFalkland Islands (Malvinas)Faroe IslandsFijiFinlandFranceFrench GuianaFrench PolynesiaFrench Southern TerritoriesGabonGambiaGeorgiaGermanyGhanaGibraltarGreeceGreenlandGrenadaGuadeloupeGuatemalaGuernseyGuineaGuinea-BissauGuyanaHaitiHeard Island and Mcdonald IslandsHoly See (Vatican City State)HondurasHong KongHungaryIcelandIndiaIndonesiaIran, Islamic Republic ofIraqIrelandIsle of ManIsraelItalyJamaicaJapanJerseyJordanKazakhstanKenyaKiribatiKorea, Democratic People’s Republic ofKorea, Republic ofKuwaitKyrgyzstanLao People’s Democratic RepublicLatviaLebanonLesothoLiberiaLibyan Arab JamahiriyaLiechtensteinLithuaniaLuxembourgMacaoMacedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic ofMadagascarMalawiMalaysiaMaldivesMaliMaltaMartiniqueMauritaniaMauritiusMayotteMexicoMoldova, Republic ofMonacoMongoliaMontenegroMontserratMoroccoMozambiqueMyanmarNamibiaNauruNepalNetherlandsNew CaledoniaNew ZealandNicaraguaNigerNigeriaNiueNorfolk IslandNorwayOmanPakistanPalestinianPanamaPapua New GuineaParaguayPeruPhilippinesPitcairnPolandPortugalQatarReunionRomaniaRussian FederationRWANDASaint Barthélemy Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da CunhaSaint Kitts and NevisSaint LuciaSaint Martin (French part)Saint Pierre and MiquelonSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesSamoaSan MarinoSao Tome and PrincipeSaudi ArabiaSenegalSerbiaSeychellesSierra LeoneSingaporeSint Maarten (Dutch part)SlovakiaSloveniaSolomon IslandsSomaliaSouth AfricaSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsSouth SudanSpainSri LankaSudanSurinameSvalbard and Jan MayenSwazilandSwedenSwitzerlandSyrian Arab RepublicTaiwanTajikistanTanzania, United Republic ofThailandTimor-LesteTogoTokelauTongaTrinidad and TobagoTunisiaTurkeyTurkmenistanTurks and Caicos IslandsTuvaluUgandaUkraineUnited Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUnited StatesUruguayUzbekistanVanuatuVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofVietnamVirgin Islands, BritishWallis and FutunaWestern SaharaYemenZambiaZimbabweI also wish to receive emails from AAAS/Science and Science advertisers, including information on products, services and special offers which may include but are not limited to news, careers information & upcoming events.Required fields are included by an asterisk(*)last_img read more