Windsor hospital increases security after stabbing in hospital by a patient

first_imgA hospital in southern Ontario is trying to strike a balance between heightened security measures and a healthy environment after one mental health patient stabbed another inside the facility.Windsor Regional Hospital, in Windsor, Ont., has decided to bring in hand-held metal detectors in response to the attack, but CEO Davis Musyj noted that their introduction, as well as other security measures, is a complicated issue.The stabbing took place last weekend as a 17-year-old mental health patient returned to the hospital after visiting his family on a day pass. The teenager stabbed a 26-year-old mental health patient in a hallway near reception, the hospital has said, noting that the patient who was stabbed was in stable condition. Local police have said a 17-year-old has been charged with aggravated assault.The hospital already has a security checkpoint at its mental health ward, but Musyj said the attack took place in one of the hospital’s general hallways, before the teen patient had to undergo his security screening.Currently, the hospital’s decision to use hand-held metal detectors is limited to the security checkpoint at the mental health ward, which means they wouldn’t have stopped the stabbing if they were already in use.Musyj said the hospital is looking into whether it should use the metal detectors at an earlier location, but said too much security could have a negative impact on a mental health patient’s state.“There are certain patients where requiring them to check in with security outside of the hospital doors might not help them with their rehabilitation effort,” said Musyj. “It won’t help promote it, they’ll wonder ‘why am I being treated like this.’”Musyj said the hospital has held a meeting with around 50 staff members to try and figure out the best way to improve security without having any negative outcome for their patients.Windsor Regional Hospital’s current security measures include a checkpoint at the mental health ward where patients’ belongings are put into lockers, the physical presence of security guards in the hospital and privately-hired drug sniffing dogs that are brought into the ward at random intervals to prevent visitors from bringing in drugs.Musyj said the hospital will be looking at the practices of other mental health wards and will consult with security experts to determine how best to reduce the risk of an attack, whilst not causing issues for their patients.The Ontario Hospital Association, an organization that collaborates with 145 hospitals in Ontario, said they take the issue of violence in hospitals “very seriously.”“Each hospital faces its own challenges with respect to safety and will take action to address these issues in a manner that is customized and most appropriate for that organization,” said spokeswoman Shabnum Durrani.last_img read more

Report says Labrador hydro project better managed but still facing risks

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. – A new report says Newfoundland and Labrador’s Crown utility Nalcor is doing a better job of keeping track of the cost and the risks associated with its timetable for the $12.7 billion Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project.However, the EY report released Thursday, also says the project still faces a high level of risk because of work complexity and the approach of the winter season.EY also says Nalcor has identified three risks not included in its June forecast, including significant protest unrest, vegetation and soil removal, and unforeseen directives from government.The report follows an interim report released in April 2016 that called for better oversight of a project that was significantly behind schedule and plagued by cost overruns.The hydro project, which is estimated to be about 78 per cent completed as of June, has ballooned in cost by about $5 billion since it was first approved five years ago.The EY report says changes made in planning and forecasting have improved the level of certainty around cost and the schedule to complete the project.Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady says the report demonstrates “significant progress” in managing Muskrat Falls.“Since coming to office our government has worked methodically and diligently to ensure the Muskrat Falls project is managed with greater accountability and transparency,” Coady said in a news release.last_img read more

Woman charged in death of Toronto boy left alone in car on

first_imgTORONTO – A 50-year-old Toronto woman was charged Friday with causing the death of a child in her care after allegedly leaving him alone in a car for several hours on a sweltering day.While police had described the woman as a nanny at one point, they said later that her exact role was not clear. Toronto police Const. David Hopkinson said the woman was tasked with dropping the four-year-old boy off at a care facility the day he died.Hopkinson said the boy was discovered inside a car parked in the west end of Toronto early afternoon on Thursday when the outside temperature was around 26 degrees Celsius.He said a passing citizen noticed the child inside the car, became concerned because of the temperature, and broke a window to check on his condition.Police said the child was rushed to hospital unconscious, but later died.Hopkinson said it’s too early to say whether the heat inside the car caused the child’s death, but said the case serves as a stark reminder of the perils of hot vehicles.“We have a very hot start to our fall season,” he said. “It’s is a horrible reminder … why it is so important not to leave kids or pets in a car unattended.”Hopkinson said police are still investigating the case to determine how the child came to be left in the car rather than dropped off at his destination.He said the child had been in the vehicle for “several hours,” but could not offer a more specific length of time.Hopkinson said an autopsy being performed Friday will determine the exact cause of death. The child’s name was not released.Zeljna Kosovac appeared in court Friday charged with one count of criminal negligence causing death, and was released on $5,000 bail.Hopkinson said Kosovac had a connection to the boy’s family, but said the specific nature of the role she played in the boy’s life was not yet known.“She picks up the child in the morning,” he said. “I believe she takes the child to another care facility, then picks him up again and takes him home. I don’t know what other responsibilities, if any, she has.”(The Canadian Press, 680News)last_img read more

MacDonald says Soulpepper rejected her concerns over actress auction

first_imgTORONTO – Acclaimed writer Ann-Marie MacDonald says leaders at the Soulpepper Theatre Company “bullied and harassed” her after she raised concerns about a fundraiser that auctioned dinners with a cast of actresses.Without their knowledge, the women who starred in “Top Girls,” were “sold” to the highest bidder by Soulpepper organizers under the guise they were willing participants, MacDonald alleged in an interview Friday.It led the author of 1996 novel “Fall on Your Knees” and former host of CBC’s “Doc Zone” series to raise the issue first with the theatre company and then with her union.“I was outraged, personally, and on behalf of my colleagues,” she said while recounting the incident, which happened nearly a decade ago.“To my mind, not only was it an egregious infraction of (union) rules, it was unbelievably disrespectful, arrogant and presumptuous.”MacDonald said she decided to come forward after hearing about the sexual assault and harassment allegations levelled against Soulpepper founding artistic director Albert Schultz earlier this week. She was also motivated by Soulpepper’s recent decision to sever ties with longtime guest artist Laszlo Marton after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced against him in late 2015.MacDonald was among the women starring in Soulpepper’s 2008 version of “Top Girls,” a British play about a career woman who celebrates her work promotion with a dinner party of prominent women from throughout history.The all-female cast included an array of other Canadian actresses, including Megan Follows, Diana Donnelly and Robyn Stevan, a founding member of Soulpepper.MacDonald was the production’s equity deputy, responsible for raising workplace issues that arose among union members.She said the cast had “a strong wish” to skip the dinners, although the actresses were concerned about repercussions.Soulpepper leaders also discouraged her from contacting board members and supporters who purchased the dinners, she said, adding that she was “laughed off” by a board member when she raised her concerns.Soulpepper did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.MacDonald also filed a formal complaint with her union, the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.The union’s executive director, Arden Ryshpan, said she told her that perceived volunteering, without getting actual permission from the participant, is outside the terms of an artist’s contract.Soulpepper ultimately issued an apology to the cast, MacDonald said, although the dinners went ahead as planned without her attendance.Schultz resigned Thursday in the wake of four lawsuits filed by actresses against him and Soulpepper alleging sexually harassment.None of their allegations have been tested in court and neither Schultz nor Soulpepper have filed a statement of defence. Schultz said he will “vigorously defend” himself against the allegations.MacDonald said her pursuit of answers wasn’t tied to the most recent developments.“I had no idea these things were happening in terms of the sexual assault claims and lawsuits,” MacDonald said.“I was simply doggedly, in my own small way, trying to pursue something that I thought, ‘There’s a loose end there.’”MacDonald said she hopes adding her story to the voices of other women who have worked at Soulpepper will help in the long run.“If we are really talking about a healthier and new era, I think I have something to contribute about the importance of making links among different types of abuse,” she said.“If I can be brushed off, stonewalled, laughed at by a board member when I persisted in reporting what I knew I had to report … Just imagine how a 24 (or) 25-year-old woman feels fresh out theatre school.”—Follow @dfriend on TwitterNote to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version said a union spokeswoman spoke to MacDonald. In fact, it was Arden Ryshpan, the executive director of the union.last_img read more

Trudeau announces 90million contribution to twin deadly Nova Scotia highway

first_imgSUTHERLANDS RIVER, N.S. – It’s been called a 38-kilometre death trap, a treacherous stretch of Nova Scotia highway that in the last decade has seen hundreds of accidents, multiple fatalities and desperate pleas for help from residents.Many hope those calls were answered Tuesday with a $90-million funding commitment from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which along with $195 million from the province will go towards twinning the busy thoroughfare that cuts through the province’s north leading to Cape Breton.The Pictou County community has fought for years to get improvements for Highway 104, with local fire Chief Joe MacDonald leading the charge.He’s lost family along the hazardous roadway and has been on the scene of gruesome motor vehicle accidents more times than he can count.“There are a lot of stories right here in this little section of road,” said the chief of the Barneys River Volunteer Fire Department, at times choking back tears.“This is a very emotional place for me.”The announcement — part of Trudeau’s visit to Nova Scotia — was bookended by an early morning stop at a cafe in Truro and an afternoon picnic in Antigonish.He was briefly interrupted while delivering remarks to a crowd on the grounds of St. Francis Xavier University by protesters opposed to the Kinder Morgan pipeline.“Unfortunately, there are folks that still think there is a choice to be made between protecting the environment and growing the economy,” Trudeau said above the heckling.He also touched on increases to the Canada child benefit and the importance of immigration, before he entered the crowd to shake hands and pose for selfies.Though much of the prime minister’s day resembled a typical summer barbecue circuit, the new highway funding is significant for the area.A crowd outside a school near the busy highway offered up boisterous applause when the funding was announced.“Not only will this project alleviate the bottleneck and get more vehicles moving, but most importantly it’s also expected to reduce fatalities on this stretch of the highway by 80 per cent,” Trudeau said.“This is a major project that the province, municipality and local leaders like Joe have been calling for for years.”It’s estimated that 15,000 vehicles pass along the highway from Sutherlands River to Antigonish every day, including 2,500 trucks, making it a critical link for trade and transport to Newfoundland and Labrador.Premier Stephen McNeil said requests will go out next week to the private sector to build the highway in a P3 — or public, private partnership — model. He said it will not be a tolled highway.“It’s about saving lives. It’s about ensuring the men and women, who we ask to serve our community day in, day out and volunteer fire service or emergency services, that they get the support they need,” he told the crowd, which included firefighters and police.The province had previously announced that it would twin the portion of highway, but did not have a commitment from the federal government.The project will see 28 kilometres of the highway twinned, and a new 10-kilometre, four-lane highway built. It’s scheduled to be completed by 2024.Since 2009 there have been over 414 accidents on the highway and 16 fatalities, but the highway’s reputation as a perilous road stretches back years.Central Nova MP Sean Fraser, who grew up near the highway, recalled warnings from his parents.“You wouldn’t believe the number of times my father said to me, ‘Watch Marshy Hope, there’s freezing rain tonight. Be careful when you’re coming through the mountains,’” he said.“It’s a dangerous stretch of road and the community knows it.”Fraser said locals are excited to see the project get started, which will improve road safety and create jobs.“There should be shovels in the ground by spring or summer next year.”last_img read more

Air Canada says mobile app breach may affect up to 20000 customers

first_imgMONTREAL – Air Canada says 20,000 customers may have had their personal information improperly accessed due to a breach in its mobile app, prompting a lock-down on all 1.7 million accounts until consumers change their passwords.The airline says it detected unusual login activity last week and tried to block the hacking attempt, locking the app accounts as an additional measure.Mobile app users received an email Wednesday morning alerting them as to whether their account had been affected.The app stores basic information including a user’s name, email and phone number. Air Canada says credit card information is encrypted and would be protected from a breach.The company says that Aeroplan numbers, passport numbers, birth dates, nationalities and countries of residence could have been accessed if users saved them in their account profile.Users can reactivate their account by following instructions emailed to them or prompts when logging in.last_img read more

NB Tories promise fewer taxes balanced budget in new throne speech

first_imgFREDERICTON — New Brunswick’s new minority Tory government says it will table a balanced budget by March 2020 or sooner.The promise is contained in a throne speech delivered Tuesday in Fredericton.The Tory government was sworn-in two weeks ago, after defeating a Liberal minority government on the confidence vote on its throne speech with the support of the three-member People’s Alliance.Premier Blaine Higgs is proposing to phase-out the small business tax and the double property tax on secondary properties, as well as taking a leadership role in eliminating trade barriers between provinces.Just a day after announcing changes to the provincial ambulance service, the government is detailing other measures to improve the health care system, including a review of the contract with Medavie Health Services for home care services.The throne speech, read by Lt. Gov. Jocelyne Roy Vienneau, also includes plans to improve early literacy scores and restart a poverty reduction process.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

What does video evidence really prove

first_imgReece Maxwell-Crawford ended up on the ground, screaming in pain, pinned down by transit fare inspectors and police officers. That much is horribly clear. The cellphone video footage of the scene doesn’t show us what happened before that—silent security cameras footage does. But what you see when you watch that video depends on who you are, your own biases, and who you want to believe.There’s no question that amateur footage has been an invaluable tool in exposing racial profiling and assault, and abuse of power by law enforcement. But we don’t often talk about what we bring to the video when we watch it. In the case of 20-year-old Maxwell-Crawford, who is now suing the TTC for assault and racial profiling, a court will have to determine what constitutes a “lunge,” what, if anything at all, the young man was staring at, and if he was ignoring questions from off-duty fare inspectors or simply didn’t hear them. That’s a lot to hang on some silent CCTV footage. How should we parse inconclusive video in an age when we’ve all finally become aware of the biases and racism that can be factors in reading them?THE BIG STORY PODCAST GUEST: Jennifer Yang, Identity and Inequality Reporter, Toronto StarToday’s Podcast – Just how much does video evidence prove?Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. You can subscribe to The Big Story podcast on iTunes or Google Play.You can also find it at read more

Canadian Press business newsmaker of the year selections over the years

first_imgThe Canadian Press OTTAWA — A list of The Canadian Press business newsmakers of the year, as determined in an annual poll of newsrooms across the country:2018: Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland2017: Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau2016: The Foreign Investor2015: Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz2014: Former Tim Hortons CEO Marc Caira2013: Loblaw executive chairman Galen G. Weston2012: Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney2011: Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, co-CEOs of Research in Motion2010: Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty2009: Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of Research in Motion2008: Maple Leaf Foods CEO Michael McCain2007: Media tycoon Conrad Black2006: Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty2005: Media tycoon Conrad Black2004: Media tycoon Conrad Black2003: Media tycoon Conrad Blacklast_img read more

Chinese foreign ministry tells US EU to take Canada to task for

first_imgOTTAWA — China’s foreign ministry says the United States and Europe should be complaining about Canada’s arrest of a top Chinese business executive.Spokeswoman Hua Chunying says the detention of Huawei Technologies’ chief financial officer is a much bigger international offence than China’s own arrests of two Canadians, including a former diplomat.In the last few days, officials from the United States, Britain and European Union have joined Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s complaints about the arrests of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor in apparent retaliation for Meng Wanzhou’s arrest in Vancouver.Hua says Canada should “correct its mistakes” and stop acting at the behest of the United States, which wants Meng extradited to face fraud charges.She says Kovrig and Spavor’s rights are being respected in Chinese custody.Sources familiar with Kovrig’s situation say he’s been held without access to a lawyer, in a cell with the lights on around the clock, and questioned three times a day.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

BC to argue for injunction on Albertas turnoffthetaps law in Calgary court

first_imgLauren Krugel, The Canadian Press CALGARY — British Columbia’s request for an injunction against Alberta’s so-called turn-off-the-taps law is to be heard in a Calgary courtroom today.The legislation allows Alberta to crimp energy shipments to B.C. if it stands in the way of a major pipeline expansion to the west coast.B.C. filed a statement of claim in Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench last month calling the law unconstitutional.The legislation was passed  — but never used — by Alberta’s former NDP government as a way to put pressure on the province’s western neighbour to drop its fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.The new United Conservative government in Alberta proclaimed it into force shortly after Premier Jason Kenney was sworn in.He has said he doesn’t intend to use the turn-off-the-taps law right now, but he will if B.C. throws up roadblocks to the pipeline.The project, first approved in 2016, would triple the amount of oil flowing from the oilsands to B.C.’s Lower Mainland and from there to lucrative new markets across the Pacific.The project, first approved in 2016, would triple the amount of oil that flows from Edmonton to B.C.’s lower mainland, enabling access to new markets across the Pacific.The federal government bought the existing pipeline last year for $4.5 billion after its original builder, Texas-based Kinder Morgan, threatened to walk away from its expansion because of B.C.’s resistance.  The Federal Court of Appeal quashed the approval months later, demanding more consultation with First Nations and a study into the pipeline’s potential impact on marine wildlife.The project was approved for a second time by the federal cabinet last week.last_img read more

Air Force searches northern Quebec for missing US plane with one person

first_imgMONTREAL — The Royal Canadian Air Force is searching for a missing plane over northwestern Quebec that had one person on board and was reported overdue Monday.Department of National Defence spokesman Andrew McKelvey said today the Beechcraft Bonanza plane was travelling from Oshkosh, Wis., to Danbury, Conn., but the pilot had to divert north to avoid a storm.Search and rescue teams are looking for the plane over a region north of Senneterre, Que., about 530 kilometres northwest of Montreal. The Defence Department says that’s the area where the plane was last tracked on radar.The air force began searching Tuesday and it is continuing to look for the pilot and the aircraft today. Four military aircraft are assisting in the search operation.The plane, which is registered to a company in Delaware, was reported overdue at 11:30 p.m. Monday. Aircraft from bases in Trenton, Ont., Bagotville, Que., and Greenwood, N.S., have joined the search.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Elle Macpherson Helps The Dog Jogger Fundraise For Charity

first_imgElle Macpherson was the special guest at an exclusive evening of drinks and dinner on Tuesday 26th March to help ‘The Dog Jogger’, otherwise known as Barry Karacostas, dog fitness trainer and free runner to London’s elite hounds, with his fundraising for the charity Right To Play.Elle Macpherson and Barry KaracostasCredit/Copyright: Right To Play UKBarry Karacostas will be embarking on a husky trek across the arctic next month in aid of global organization Right To Play that uses the transformative power of play – playing games and playing sport – to educate and empower children facing adversity.Elle Macpherson and David GandyCredit/Copyright: Right To Play UKOver 100 people including Elle Macpherson, David Gandy, members of the cast of Made in Chelsea and Right To Play Athlete Ambassadors and Olympians Chemmy Alcott, Alex Danson and Zoe Smith were in attendance to support ‘The Dog Jogger’ and wish him luck on his arctic challenge.The evening was sponsored by, and took place at, 3 Cromwell Road which has recently undergone extensive refurbishment and launched last Thursday, 21st March.Right To Play is proud to be supported by Athlete Ambassadors: Alex Danson and Zoe Smith will be visiting the charity’s programs in Uganda in April and Chemmy Alcott visited programs in Tanzania in 2008.
Right To Play is a global organization that uses the transformative power of play to educate and empower children facing adversity. Through playing sports and games, Right To Play helps children in more than 20 countries to build essential life skills and better futures, while driving lasting social change. Founded in 2000 by four-time Olympic gold medalist and social entrepreneur Johann Olav Koss, Right To Play is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has national offices in Canada, the Netherlands, Norway Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Their programs are facilitated by 590 international staff and nearly 12,000 volunteer Coaches.last_img read more

Meet Adam Levine At The Voice For Charity

first_imgMaroon 5 front man and arguably the hottest coach on The Voice, Adam Levine has partnered up with to create offer a dream experience for one lucky fan.Meet Adam Levine At The VoiceFor the next two weeks anyone can enter to win a chance to be flown to Los Angeles, with a very grateful guest of choice, and meet Adam backstage at The Voice before watching the show live. The best part? It’s all for a great cause: Aid Still Required’s efforts to provide trauma relief for rape and PTSD victims in Haiti. Anyone can enter to win this dream day by visiting and making a $10 donation to Aid Still Required.How is this possible? Well, Omaze offers everyone the opportunity to engage in once-in-a-lifetime experiences with celebrities, athletes and the world’s greatest thinkers with the proceeds benefiting a social cause. The process works similar to a charity raffle. The user-friendly site allows anyone to enter to win an Omaze experience of their choice by donating just $5 or $10. Once the deadline to enter for the experience passes, Omaze collects all the entries and selects the winners through a third party computer-generated random selection process. The proceeds are delivered to benefit a specific social cause. The goal of the campaign is clearly quantified and they track the impact overtime so participants can see how their donations are impacting lives.Find out more here.last_img read more

Paul Simon Adds His Voice To AntiPipeline Lobby

first_imgAn eerie commercial aired in British Columbia (BC) last month. Through mist and cloud the slow, deep, gravelly voice of Exxon Valdez’s captain haltingly delivers his message that the ship has gone aground and is “evidently leaking some oil”. In the background, “Hello darkness my old friend” plays from musician Paul Simon’s The Sound of Silence.On the 24th anniversary of that disaster, when over 40 million litres of oil spilled into Alaskan waters, Simon allowed Canada’s Coastal First Nations (CFN) group to use the song in the commercial that is part of the CFN’s campaign for a ban on oil tankers along BC’s coastal waters, and against the Northern Gateway Pipeline that transport company Enbridge wants to run from Alberta to British Columbian shores.In a radio interview CFN’s executive director Art Sterritt says the 10% share in the pipeline that Enbridge is offering, expected to be worth almost $300 million over 30 years, is not as sweet as it sounds. When Sterritt looked at Enbridge’s offer that the indigenous Gitxsan chiefs turned down, it would have amounted to about $30 dollars per Gitxsan per year.“That’s absolutely embarrassing,” says Sterritt. “That’s worse than the beads that were offered in the last century.” Regarding BC’s coastal population, Sterritt says, “There’s actually 30,000 jobs and almost $2 billion in revenue in that region that rely on a healthy ocean. We’re trying to show what reality is. Reality is what happened with the Exxon Valdez.”Copyright ©2013Look to the Starslast_img read more

Florida Georgia Line To Perform At Stars For Second Harvest Benefit

first_imgO’Charley’s and Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee will celebrate the 10th annual Stars For Second Harvest benefit on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, 7:30 p.m. at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium.Presented by O’Charley’s and hosted by acclaimed hit songwriter Craig Wiseman, the show will feature unplugged acoustic style performances by some of country music’s most acclaimed songwriters and performers.This year’s benefit will feature the award-winning duo Florida Georgia Line – Tyler Hubbard (Monroe, Georgia) and Brian Kelley (Ormond Beach, Florida) – for the third time.FGL has had an impressive year, racking up awards from the Academy of Country Music Awards, Country Music Television Awards, Country Music Association Awards, and the American Music Awards. With releasing four consecutive, multi-week #1 smashes in the US and Canada with the GOLD-certified hits “Stay” and “Round Here,” PLATINUM-certified “Get Your Shine On” and 6X PLATINUM “Cruise,” these two are excited to use their success to join Wiseman in fighting hunger.“We’ve been so incredibly blessed this past year and have always wanted to make it bigger than the music. To have the opportunity to give back and help feed the hungry in our community is an honor.” says Kelley.Hubbard adds, “Hopefully we will help sell out this show and all come together to raise a lot of money for such a great cause!”This year there will be an incredible “VIP Experience” added to the show. The “VIP Experience” tickets will be sold for $250 and will include premium seating, a meet and greet with Florida Georgia Line and other performers, as well as a special 10th Anniversary gift bag. There are only 50 “VIP Experience” tickets available with an 8 per person limit. To purchase a “VIP Experience” ticket please visit Ticketmaster at Don’t delay as these will sell out fast!Concert tickets are on-sale now for $35.00 plus applicable service charges and are available via Ticketmaster outlets,, Ryman box office,, or by calling 800-745-3000. For $50.00 preferred seating tickets, please contact Second Harvest Food Bank at 615-329-3491.Proceeds from the concert benefit Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee in their efforts to feed hungry people and work to solve hunger issues in our community. For more information, visit read more

Andy Murray Pulls Hunting Promos From Luxury Hotel

first_imgIf you’re looking for information on local hunting outings, you won’t find it at tennis superstar Andy Murray’s hotel!Unbeknownst to the Olympic gold medallist and US Open and Wimbledon champion, the website of his luxurious Cromlix Hotel, which is located 3 miles outside Dunblane, was until recently promoting these cruel activities. Of course, Murray knows that there’s nothing sporting about maiming and killing animals with high-powered guns or other weapons. And after being notified by PETA of the offensive promotions, Murray’s sports company, 77, quickly confirmed that all traces of hunting had been removed from the website.A British study of deer hunting found that 11 per cent of deer who’d been killed by hunters died only after being shot two or more times and that some wounded deer suffered for more than 15 minutes before dying. Unlike natural predators who help maintain wildlife populations by killing off only the sickest and weakest individuals, hunters kill any animal whose head they would like to hang over the fireplace – including large, healthy animals who are needed to keep the population strong.“True sports involve competition and fair play between two consenting parties, something that can’t be said for the despicable individuals who torment and kill unwilling participants for fun”, says PETA UK Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi. “Hunters would be arrested if their victims were cats or dogs, even though deer, pheasants and other animals experience fear and pain, just as all animals do.”This isn’t the first time that Murray has shown his animal-loving nature. Last year, he and renowned chef Albert Roux were awarded PETA’s foie gras–free certification for refusing to serve the imported, engorged livers of force-fed ducks and geese in the restaurant of the Cromlix Hotel.Other tennis aces who have backed life-saving campaigns by PETA UK or its international affiliates include Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe.last_img read more

Stars To Attend Mercy For Animals Hidden Heroes Gala

first_imgMercy For Animals’ Hidden Heroes Gala will take place next week, and aims to celebrate their brave undercover investigators and all their incredible supporters nationwide.Held at the magnificent Unici Casa in Culver City near Los Angeles, California, on Saturday August 29, 2015, this black tie event will move and inspire you. Guests will enjoy a star-studded awards show, gourmet vegan dinner, silent auction, and much more.Expected to attend the event are Joaquin Phoenix, Moby, Pamela Anderson, Emily Deschanel, Russell Simmons, Tony Kanal, Jennifer Tilly, Diane Warren, John Salley, Nathan Runkle and more.WHEN: Saturday, August 29thRed Carpet: 5:30 – 7:30PM VIP Cocktail Hour: 6PM General Reception: 7PM Dinner and Program: 8PMWHERE: Unici Casa 9461 Jefferson BlvdCulver City, CA 90232last_img read more

Stars Take Part In Be Good To Each Other AntiBullying Campaign

first_imgCustomInk, the leading provider of custom apparel and accessories for groups and occasions, has launched its 5th annual Be Good to Each Other campaign in support of National Bullying Prevention Month and its signature event Unity Day, which takes place on October 21st.Miles Heizer with Amanda SeyfriedTogether with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, the Be Good to Each Other campaign aims to unite students and adults in an effort to take a stand against bullying and promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion within their communities. CustomInk has again partnered with a roster of talented individuals from across the media and entertainment industry – TV, music, movies, and sports – to support the campaign by designing their own custom bullying prevention t-shirts.Over the past five years, CustomInk has donated nearly $120,000 towards bullying prevention efforts and sold tens of thousands of shirts for the cause. The power of t-shirts goes beyond the funds raised, as people continue to wear the shirts they’ve purchased and spread the word that bullying is unacceptable. Gina Rodriguez will help the Be Good to Each Other campaign kick off its 2015 efforts along with 11 other celebrities. Each celebrity supporter has created his or her own bullying prevention t-shirt that will be on sale for the duration of the campaign.“I’m so excited to work with CustomInk on this year’s Be Good to Each Other campaign. No one is immune to the risks of bullying and the only way to prevent it, is to promote kindness and inclusion in our daily lives,” say Gina Rodriguez, star of Jane the Virgin. “My parents always taught me the power of thinking positively and treating others with respect, and I hope that through this campaign we are able to continue the spread of that message to the younger generations.”Other notable celebrities designing shirts for this year’s campaign include: Addison Riecke (The Thundermans), Aija Mayrock (The Survival Guide to Bullying), Alyson Stoner (Cheaper by the Dozen), Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (World Heavyweight Champion), Gracie Gold (Olympic Figure Skater), Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory), Miles Heizer (Parenthood), Paola Andino (Every Witch Way), Quincy Davis (Professional Surfer), Rachel Platten (Singer) and Wesam Keesh (Awkward). Even friends of the stars like Amanda Seyfried are showing their support for the campaign.“Founded in 2006, National Bullying Prevention Month and Unity Day were both created to help raise awareness of the devastating effects of bullying and to inspire support of bullying prevention activities among youth,” said Julie Hertzog, director of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. “We are excited at the opportunity to partner with CustomInk again to further fulfill our mission of bullying prevention awareness and are grateful for the celebrity partners who have stepped forward to support the campaign.”Now through October 31st, the Be Good to Each Other campaign will encourage student groups and others to join together and show support by: • Designing their own custom bullying prevention t-shirts; • Ordering PACER’s Official 2015 Unity Day t-shirt; and • Purchasing an exclusive celebrity-designed t-shirt.CustomInk will handle printing and fulfillment at cost, allowing 100% of the profits from the sales of bullying prevention t-shirts to benefit PACER in its effort to engage, educate, and unite communities nationwide. T-shirts are available for purchase at read more

NEYO Partners With StockX For The Walk In Our Shoes Campaign

first_imgStockX, the world’s first online consumer “stock market of things” for high-demand, limited edition products today announced it will be hosting an online charity sneaker auction for the Walk In Our Shoes campaign.Funds raised will benefit National Foster Care Month (May) and singer, songwriter, and actor Ne-Yo’s The Compound Foundation.With an initial focus on the $1 billion U.S. sneaker resale market, StockX’s live marketplace will empower participants to anonymously buy and sell limited-edition sneakers with stock market-like visibility. The Motor City start-up will provide the platform to bid on sneakers from NE-YO’s personal collection.“StockX’s rapid growth is proving just how influential sneakers are in the world, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to harness that power to benefit such a great cause,” said StockX CEO Josh Luber. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with NE-YO for such a great campaign.”Starting now, through 11:59am EST Friday, May 20, StockX users will be able to bid on more than 20 sneakers owned by NE-YO. Funds from the campaign will support the Compound Foundation’s Music Academy Boot Camp and annual Giving Tour. The Music Academy Boot Camp has industry leaders work with students to teach and explore various career options within the field of music entertainment. At the end of the weekend, participants have the chance to compete for a $5,000 scholarship. The annual Giving Tour in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of America brings holiday cheer / distributes gifts to 2,000 children ages 3-18 living in foster care, group homes and members of BGC. Each year the Tour visits multiple cities selected based on the size of the foster care population.The Compound Foundation is a national organization founded in 2007 by Shaffer “NE-YO” Smith and his business partner Reynell Hay to enhance the well-being of youth growing up in foster care and group homes. The Foundation’s goal is to support bright futures for young people by helping them to forge healthy relationships, pursue education and training, learn entrepreneurship basics and realize their dreams.“Advocating for children, most of whom who have faced challenging circumstances, is my passion and mission for the The Compound Foundation. I am proud to be a part of the ‘Walk In Our Shoes’ campaign that provides a fantastic opportunity to use my sneakers as a force for good,” said NE-YO.last_img read more