Promote Your New Product With These Tips

first_img on July 9, 2019 Share. Promote Your New Product With These Tips By CBN LinkedIn Google+ Promotions are the backbone of any successful business. Sadly, most entrepreneurs are doing it wrong. It’s reported that 80% of online stores fail within the first two years, due to poor product marketing, according to a Forbes article. While having a fantastic product is instrumental to the success of your business, your marketing efforts are equally important.Change your marketing efforts and watch your business growWhether you are a startup introducing a new product to the market, or an established company releasing a new commodity, you need to create a smart promotion strategy. With one, your brand will gain attention, your product will sell, and you will gain a loyal following. Here’s how to deliver effective promotions online and offline.Use Branded GiveawaysEveryone loves freebies, and using them to promote your new product will not only help drive traffic your way, but also build a relationship with potential clients. Simple items such as pens, cups, t-shirts, caps, and calendars will go a long way to boosting your brand awareness. Also, free product samples give consumers an exclusive view and entice them into trying the product.Using free products for business promotions sends positive signals to your customers, as it shows you are ready to invest in them. Promotional items make your brand more favorable to consumers, and they will want to do business with you. The items you chose to give away should be tailored in a way that relates to your brand, while still ensuring they are useful to your clients.Video MarketingMost people spend a significant amount of time on their mobile phones. The time spent viewing videos has also increased, as noted in The Guardian. You can take advantage of this and tap into the vast market of mobile users. Start by creating a professional and engaging video explaining the idea behind the product, how it works, and the problems it solves. You can share it on your website, blog, or send it to your friends and ask them to share it.Consumers today are more interested in hearing the backstory, and a video is one of the best ways to explain things. This will not only persuade people that your product is great, but it will also boost your credibility. You don’t have to limit yourself to one video. You can periodically release videos about new upgrades. Each video should be entertaining and short to enable it to be more shareable.Social MediaSocial media offers all businesses a level ground to showcase their products. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube have many users who you can target. Social networks give businesses a chance to get in touch with consumers on a personal level. To effectively market your product, use high-quality images, give offers, share customer reviews, and regularly update your content. Just ensure you are promoting your product to the right demographic.Write About itYou won’t regret using social media platforms for marketing purposesUsing a blog or website to promote your product can have a powerful impact on your business, according to The Balance. When consumers want to buy a product they have seen online, they first want to know every detail about it. A product website will feed consumers with all the information they need. Include the website’s links in your social media adverts so that interested customers can click and find more information on your site.SummaryNo one likes to buy a product they’ve never seen or heard of. To make your new product a success, you need to implement a broad promotion approach. Ensure you know the target audience, use social media platforms, utilize mobile videos, write engaging content, offer freebies, and use your network of friends and colleagues to boost your promotion efforts. Twittercenter_img Email Tumblr E-Headlines Pinterest Facebook 0last_img

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