Stephen Colbert introduces Late Night crowd to Summer Games Done Quick

first_imgThis Fourth of July weekend, Stephen Colbert introduced his Late Show audience to Summer Games Done Quick, a celebration of gaming dedicated to raising awareness and donations for a number of charitable organizations.Between the explosive rise of Twitch and the electricity surrounding eSports, gaming has been thrust into the spotlight and there’s nowhere to go but up. Mainstream media giants continue to highlight gaming, with Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer segment dominating YouTube with exclusive gameplay reveals, and Jimmy Fallon featuring developers of highly-anticipated titles, such as Cliff Bleszinski of Gears of War fame.Colbert has been a strong advocate of gaming, once going so far as promoting the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses orchestra as his musical guest of the night, and continues to push the medium forward. This past weekend was no different. Colbert dedicated a portion of the show to SGDQ – a movement a large portion, if not the entirety of the Late Show audience has never heard or been aware of.Mitch Fowler, known as MitchFlowerPower in the video game speed running scene, was Colbert’s guest, and spoke a bit about SGDQ and its mission. Fowler is the world record holder for “Super Mario Bros. 3 any percent,” completing the entire retro Nintendo title in three minutes and eight seconds – faster than any other gamer to attempt the feat.Ever the comedian, Colbert challenged Fowler to a race: Fowler had to complete Super Mario Bros. 3 faster than Colbert could prepare and eat a Hot Pocket and before an NCAA track team could finish a mile relay.Colbert dubbed himself the victor, but the real winner was SGDQ, bringing its cause to the forefront of late night television and showing an entirely new audience the power of gaming.last_img

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