MovieBob Reviews BREAKING IN 2018

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Is Breaking In good?It’s not bad, but totally unremarkable overall.What’s it about?Gabrielle Union is the estranged daughter of a wealthy businessman who, after he dies suddenly while under investigation for unspecified criminal activities by the government, has to spend a weekend getting an old Summerhouse she inherited ready for resale with her two kids. Unfortunately, the house – which is equipped with a high-tech automated security system – is also besieged by a group of dangerous burglars looking for a safe full of cash hidden somewhere inside who take the kids hostage, forcing her to attempt a one-woman rescue from the outside.Sounds exciting, at least.It has its moments, just not enough of them. Mostly it just never rises above competent or becoming unique in any way – beyond, of course, the obvious notation that Hollywood could stand to produce more lead roles for women of color in general. But while it’s good to see Union in a major part again, she’s not given a lot to work with here beyond boilerplate thriller beats.How so?Well, there’s not much story at play here – it’s a basic home-invasion/siege movie with some light Die Hard elements dropped in, all stripped down to the essentials and moving along very fast without much in the way of nuance or digression. Usually, that’s done because the “focus” is going to be a unique central performance, a big plot twist, some unusual style of directing or storytelling, maybe even just an especially high level of violence or having the hero use a special skill or style of problem-solving. But there’s nothing like that really happening here. You keep waiting for the “hook” to show up, and then there isn’t one.Is it maybe supposed to be more of a character piece?If so, they forgot to include much. Union is engaging and well-performed, and there are flashes of an idea that she’s nursing some dark memories of this particular house and complex issues with her late father that inform her actions but don’t get fleshed out and never really come into focus. There’s a repeated refrain that “No one knows what she’s capable of,” but we don’t really see anyone she knows treat her with anything other than respect and she doesn’t really “do” anything action wise to hint at some hidden reservoir of secret skills or willingness to take the fight to dark places; and apart from dividing the four bad guys into the expected “cool-headed leader, smart guy, weak guy, dangerous-psycho final-boss guy” classes there’s no indication that they’ve got any particular outlook on her other than as an obstacle.So do you not recommend it?Well, like I said… it’s not “bad,” it’s just also nothing special. It’s largely inoffensive and works as a “get the bad guys” movie for an engaging enough third act once it comes around. And I don’t think anyone who ends up seeing it will come away being especially annoyed with it – but if it wasn’t for a studio marketing department thinking maybe it could be pushed as Mother’s Day programming it feels like something that would’ve gone straight to Redbox.center_img MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ last_img

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