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first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Back in the days of geek prehistory, a T-shirt was a signal to the world around you that you cared about your nerdy pursuits enough to fly them like a flag. Companies like Graphitti Designs contracted with movie studios and comics publishers to create shirts with our favorite characters and sold them up on the walls of comic book stores and through mail-order.The computer revolution has enabled the T-shirt world to become something totally new – affordable production and distribution means that shirts can be printed in small quantities and sold anywhere in the world. Starting with Threadless, dozens of companies popped up letting artists and designers show their stuff. It’s a better time than ever to be a geek fashionista, and if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe we’re going to help you out every week… on T-Shirt Tuesday.This week: Let’s pay our respects to Japan’s most durable giant robot series with these epic Gundam shirts,Gundam WavesThere are tons of different designs in the Gundam universe, but the most iconic is probably the RX-78-2, a samurai-influenced robotic warrior that wields a mighty sword and looks great doing it. Artist Prajoedi gives us an incredible rendering of the massive machine rising from the waves to battle once more, with lush watercolor texturing really selling the massive scale of the thing. Just a really slick and elegant shirt to start this lineup with.$20, buy it here.Gundam RunnerIn addition to the anime and video games, one of the best ways true fans interact with the Gundam franchise is through gunpla, the hobby of constructing super-realistic plastic models of the giant robots. These things can be incredible projects that come out looking awesome, but they all start the same way: as a bazillion tiny plastic parts on a spine. Artist hiwattart captures that moment of panic and anticipation expertly with this graphic T-shirt.$20, buy it here.Barbatos Lupus RexWe really love the line art style deployed by garistipis in this rendering of the head unit of the Barbatos Lupus Rex gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS. This was the point in the series where the mecha designs were becoming more elaborate and pointy, and the bestial frame was modified to suit pilot Mikazuki Augus’s vicious fighting style. This is a deeper cut, Gundam-wise, but one that true fans will recognize immediately.$20, buy it here.Living Dead DivisionThe Gundam universe has dozens of military units on both sides of the conflict, with insignia and methodologies to match. We could have picked just about any of them to feature, but we have to admit that the overall style of the Zeon “Living Dead Division” is pretty badass. Composed of warriors who have been cybernetically and prosthetically augmented to the point of no return, they’re a scary force to reckon with. Artist don_kuma obviously dug their style enough to trick out their logo for this very badass T-shirt design.$20, buy it here.GundamYou don’t have to make it complicated to do a good T-shirt design – sometimes all you need is one color and a serious sense of composition. Artist StevenReeves delivers a bold and iconic take on Gundam with this royal blue T-shirt that puts beefy katakana front and center underneath a head-on portrait of a giant mech. No fuss, no muss, just a really solid shirt that goes with anything.$20, buy it here.\$20, buy it here.I Came To Laugh At YouOne of the most iconic characters from the franchise, Char Azable starts off as a primary antagonist with the Principality of Zeon, nicknamed the “Red Comet” behind the controls of his dome-headed Zeku mech. After his presumed death at the end of the first Mobile Suit Gundam series, he returns and changes allegiances. Char’s most memeable moment came when he confronted rival Amuro Ray and, when questioned about his intentions, simply replied “I came to laugh at you.” GundamOtakuShop recognizes the power of the moment on this very well-designed shirt.$20, buy it here.Last StandGundam heads know that the titular robots can be depicted at full size or also in “superdeformed” fashion, where they have big anime heads and stubby little bodies like a Peanuts character. In fact, there’s even a whole spinoff series – SD Gundam where everybody’s drawn in the chibi style. That doesn’t mean the drama and action takes a break, though, as this shirt from Ashmish aptly illustrates. Really nice high-contrast modeling on the robot with this one.$20, buy it here.RX-78 SkullWhat made Gundam so iconic in the world of giant robot anime was the humanity of the robots and their pilots – they weren’t mere war machines, but they didn’t have their own consciousness either. Instead, the mecha of the series seemed like a curious fusion of the two, capable of some remarkable emoting while also being obviously machines. Artist damnank does a cool job of capturing that dichotomy with a shirt that fuses the iconic RX-78 helmet with a stylized human skull.$20, buy it here.RB-79In the Gundam universe, humanity often has to improvise new weapons to battle back the alien menace. One iconic creation is the RB-79 ball, a spherical pod designed for outer space repairs that was retrofitted with heavy armor and a massive cannon on top. These were sort of like the grunts of the combat force, laying down covering fire while the bigger mechs went in and sealed the deal. Artist mechscrew gives us a super-detailed line drawing of the little guy in action.$20, buy it here.Zaku Pin-UpNot 100% sure what’s going on in this shirt from PenguinMage that reimagines the dastardly Red Zaku mech as a bodacious pin-up girl, but I like it. You know when something’s just so weird that it wraps around to being brilliant again? That’s where I’m at here. If you’re looking for a conversation piece that’s super nerdy, pick up this shirt and tell us how it goes.$20, buy it here.Cannon CrewDesigner EasterlyArt has a pretty cool gimmick – drawing Gundams in streetwear with a graffiti-influenced style. They have a ton of cool shirts, but we especially like this one that features two of the shoulder cannon toting Gundam models, the RX-75-4 Guntank and the RX-77-2 Guncannon. These “Project V” models are heavily armored units designed for mid-range skirmishes, and they look dope.$20, buy it here.Gundam’s popularity has never waived and fans are just as crazy for the famous anime. If a stop-motion mecha isn’t your thing, maybe Barbie dressed as one is. The 28 foot Gundam model in Japan is pretty impressive too. Follow all your favorite anime mechs here for daily updates. T-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Monster Hunter ShirtsT-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Hulk Shirts center_img Stay on targetlast_img

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