Happy Birthday Mystique

first_imgWhen you think of your top tier X-Men ladies, a couple of brilliant X-Ladies come to mind. Emma Frost, Rogue, Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, but there’s one lady that’s always on everyone radar and we can’t talk about important ladies of the X-Men franchise without her. Today, we’re celebrating Mystique, the X-lady that everyone would want on their team, for the good or the bad. You know, depending on where your mutant allegiances lie.Created by Jim Mooney and Ron Garney, Raven Darkhölme made her comic debut in 1978 as Raven in Ms. Marvel #6. Later, she would make her first full appearance as Mystique in Ms. Marvel #18. There isn’t a lot to know about Raven, mostly because she doesn’t have much of a comic past. Don’t get me wrong. Writers have given Mystique somewhat of a past. However, most are scattered and far between for this mutant. We don’t have a history to nail down entirely for her, but that’s actually pretty okay!Mystique slays as a prominent role in the X-Men database with readers because she’s genuinely a mystery unto herself. With her many mutant abilities including shapeshifting, agility and reflexes, agelessness, accelerated healing and more, she’s never showed signs of slowing down. This is also what makes her the ultimate type of spy. You never know where her loyalties lie. As she morphs and molds herself into other people and learns more and more skills, you’re not even sure who she is. Her personality is somewhat of a mystery as well. Readers always find out something new about Mystique. Whether it be through her supervillain-ey antics or something else, writers always set the base for her. It makes Mystique an even more intriguing mutant when you read her arcs and stories.In the comics, she’s been established as bisexual, the mother of Nightwing, the adopted mother of Rogue, married to Xavier, had a child with Sabertooth and much more. Mystique has lived more than any of us would even dream. Mystique also carries a high intelligence and unique skill set. This has given her the chance to play a big part and associate with (or become the leader of) a ton of alliances including, the Brotherhood of Mutants, Freedom Force, The Hand, X-Factor, X-Corps and, of course, X-Men.There have been a lot of comics that give Mystique a critical role in the X-verse, but one where she lays all her own is in the Mystique collections by Brian K. Vaughan and Sean McKeever (2003-2005). It’s worth a pick up to see if Mystique can genuinely change her ways. Another comic and one of my personal all-time favorites is X-Men: Bizarre Love Triangle. In this comic, Mystique attempts to infiltrate the X-Men while also trying to seduce Gambit away from Rogue. Listen, Mystique may be awesome, but she’s also coming for the crown of Miss Messyboots. Don’t agree with it, but you have to respect her hustle it. Other fantastic comics are: X-Men: Days of Future Past, Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 Life of X (2017) and X-Men: LegionQuest.Recently, Mystique has weaved her web in and out of the comics and one of the most recognized X-Men in years. She’s carried a significant and crucial role in X-Men activities, but she’s also been an essential part of X-Men history on screen. Rebecca Romijn played this blue beauty in X-Men (2000), X-2 (2003) and X-Men: The Last Stand. Jennifer Lawrence has recently taken up the mantle of Mystique for X-Men: First Class (2011), Days of Future Past (2014) and Apocalypse (2016). She will soon reprise her role for the upcoming Dark Phoenix slated for 2019. She’s also been voiced by talented such as Randell Carpenter and Jennifer Dale for the X-Men animated series, Colleen Wheeler in X-Men: Evolution and the utterly fantastic Lena Headey in The Super Hero Squad Show.Mystique has shifted her way inside our hearts since 1978 and hasn’t stopped ever since. She’s one of the X-Ladies we love for her wicked ways, but love even more for who she is. Here’s to Mystique, the bluest babe alive and one of the most excellent X-ladies to ever grace our panels.View as: One Page Slides1. Aaron Frey ComicsSee It Here2. Branded BaronSee It Here3. MikekimartSee It Here4. Megan LaraSee It Here5. DesignNurdSee It Here6. TunasammichesSee It Here7. Christian CG TomasSee It Here8. PizzaFaceSee It Here9. Argent StylingsSee It Here10. Kath LoboSee It Here Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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