Westworld Premieres a Season 2 Trailer at SDCC

first_img A Tale of Two Wonder WomenSDCC Announcement: IDW Games Brings 90s Nick to Life Stay on target Westworld was HBO’s biggest hit of 2016. Or at least it’s most talked-about. Over the course of 10 weeks, it built a world where lifelike robots were starting to show the first signs of consciousness. While it’s two-timeline reveal in the finale wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea (I personally had very mixed feelings about it), the final moments of the series were jaw-dropping. That’s why it was so painful to hear that we wouldn’t be seeing more of it anytime soon. It’s been almost a year since we first visited Westworld, and we finally have our first look at season two. HBO debuted this trailer to a crowd of fans at San Diego Comic Con.It appears to show the immediate aftermath of the hosts’ rebellion at the end of season one. The player piano (the best character in the series) sits music-less, covered in blood. It springs to life and begins playing Sammy Davis Jr.’s “I Gotta Be Me.” Bernard is contemplating life as he stares down a dead tiger, Maeve is admiring the carnage she caused behind the scenes, and Dolores is hunting down remaining partygoers. Oh, and the Man in Black, who we now know to be William, is still alive. Damn.The trailer doesn’t reveal much about the story, but we do know that the entire point of the first season was to get us here. This will be the story that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy wanted to tell. They just had to introduce us to the idea of hosts and their uprising first. I’m most curious to see where Maeve’s story goes. At the end of the first season, it was revealed that she was truly sentient. She defied her programming by going back into Westworld to search for her daughter. Though we didn’t get any story in this one, it was nice to see Westworld again before season two starts.We still have a while to wait too. The trailer confirms that Westworld season two starts in 2018, but doesn’t give an exact date. As HBO is giving Nolan and Joy the space and resources they need to tell their story, they’re going to take their time with it.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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