Case Turns Your iPod Nano Into a Watch

first_imgYour iPod nano has a clock. It’s roughly the size of a watch face. Can’t connect the dots? Don’t worry, Speck did it for you. The clever case design company has introduced the TimetoRock, a rubberized case that transforms a sixth generation nano into a wearable, adjustable wrist watch. Pretty neat, right? We approve.The company recommends you wear it while walking/jogging, et al., though it’s easy to see how that could get a bit awkward, particularly with a short cord, though the case does come with adjustable headphone arm bands, so perhaps it’ll work out, after all.The TimetoRock will come in a number of colors, including, Black, Raspberry, Lime, Aubergine and Mango. It’ll run you $24.99.last_img

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