Gawker network has over a million passwords stolen uploaded to Bittorrent

first_imgIf you’ve ever commented on a Gawker blog — including the likes of Gawker, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Kotaku, io9 or Jezebel — it’s time to change your password pretty much everywhere: a group named Gnosis has hacked Gawker’s servers and uploaded the stolen data as a 500MB torrent file which includes 1.3 million user logins and passwords, Gawker’s source code and internal conversations between the company’s employees.Although the attacks were not carried out by 4chan’s Anonymous swarm mob, Gnosis — the group responsible — does take pains in the text file accompanying the file to sympathize with their cause.Anonymous, as you may recall, has recently been in the news after a string of DDoS attacks have taken down the corporate websites of PayPal, Mastercard and Visa… companies targeted for neutering the ability of Wikileaks to accept donations following their massive, ongoing leak of hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables.The good news here is that if you comment on Gawker’s blogs, your password isn’t in this torrent as plain text… but you still need to change your password everywhere if you use it anywhere besides Gawker, because Gawker employed an outdated encryption scheme that should make it trivial to crack the first eight characters of any password in their records. That’s enough that even if you have a longer password, hackers will easily be able to brute force it.If you’ve ever logged into a Gawker site, better be safe than sorry.Read more at Gawkerlast_img

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