This Weeks Best YouTube Videos Grilling Phones Green Lantern Gropings and More

first_imgThe news this week has been clearly dominated by horror stories of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) “enhanced screening techniques,” which either involve you walking in front of a Backscatter X-Ray machine that can see clear through your clothing and that many people consider a massive invasion of privacy, or the aggressive patdowns you’re subjected to if you opt out of the machine. More on that below, but it wasn’t the only thing floating around YouTube this week: we also got our first trailer for the upcoming Green Lantern movie, and someone wasted a ton of money putting an iPhone 4, a new Windows Phone 7 device, and a brand new T-Mobile G2 on a hot grill to see which one grilled the fastest. Some people have a lot of spare cash, clearly. The video that started it all, one man recording his experience trying to pass through a TSA checkpoint to board his flight, opting out of the x-ray machine and being on the receiving end of a full-on patdown instead. That man’s name is John Tyner, and he will forever be known as the “Don’t Touch My Junk” guy at worst, and at best as the guy who inspired a potential revolt in the form of “National Opt Out Day.” Regardless of how your feel about the TSA or about airport security in general, I think we can all agree that being groped probably doesn’t need to be a pre-requisite for boarding a flight. Tyner’s video has racked up over 100,000 views, coverage on major news networks, and yes – merchandising in the form of T-Shirts and other apparel that proudly paste “Don’t Touch My Junk” across…your junk. Released over last weekend, this video features three beautiful smartphones, the iPhone 4, the T-Mobile G2, and the just released HTC Surround (running Windows Phone 7) sitting on top of an EZ Grill that you can buy just about anywhere for about ten bucks. The phones on the other hand totalled well over $1500 at retail, and the folks at EZ Grill figured it would be a pretty good publicity stunt to drop the three phones on top of the hot grill to see which one roasted the fastest. It clearly worked, and while I won’t spoil you on the results, I will say the video has racked up well over a million views, so you should hurry before someone else spoils you. Don’t Touch My Junk Green Lantern Trailer Android, WinPho7, iPhone … What Grills Faster? Merton Plays at YouTube TSA’s Enhanced Security Spurs US “Airport Rage” Even though the movie won’t be released until June of 2011, this trailer for the upcoming Green Lantern feature film drew a lot of attention when it was released on the Web earlier this week. The movie, featuring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, tells the story of how the Green Lantern’s ring made its way to earth and the origin story of the hero that’s now been a fixture in DC Comics since 1940. As with any controversy that manages to make it big on the Web, the folks at NMA World have put together a hilarious animated spoof of the situation that boils the issue down to the essentials that you need to understand the issues. With 400,000 views (way more than the original videos that inspired it,) this video will get you up to speed if you have no idea what all the fuss over junk touching is about. Merton has earned a reputation for himself as “The Chatroulette Piano Guy who looks conspicuously like Ben Folds,” for hopping onto ChatRoulette and serenading unwitting users with song when they clearly joined expecting something else. In this special event, Merton headed over to YouTube HQ to play for the staff there. The fine folks at YouTube set him up with a piano and sound system, and he proceeds to tell the folks at YouTube how awesome their office is. We know, Merton. We know.last_img

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