Fight to restore regional chair elections in Niagara

A St. Catharine’s city council candidate is asking Queen’s Park to restore regional chair elections in Niagara.Karrie Porter, who is running in Ward 4- St. Patrick’s, delivered petitions to local MPPs Jennie Stevens (NDP – St. Catharines) and Jeff Burch (NDP – Niagara Centre).The petitions have been signed by hundreds of Niagara residents.Last week, the provincial government announced plans to cancel planned regional chair elections in Niagara, Peel, York and Muskoka.These elections were planned to coincide with municipal elections on Oct. 22.Instead, they will go back to being appointed positions.The bill tabled by the PC government is known as the Better Local Government Act.It also includes slashing the size of Toronto city council from 47 councillors to 25.The NDP has been especially critical of this move from the Ford government.The party has held rallies in protest, including one Thursday at Queen’s Park.

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