“IS IT TRUE” MARCH 24, 2020

first_img FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?(Recently we detected an issue where our subscribers may have not been getting breaking news alerts from the City-County Observer. This notification is to let you know that starting today you have been added to receive future news alerts.  If you no longer want to receive future news alerts please opt-out by clicking the  link in your e-mail to unsubscribe)IS IT TRUE Mayor Winnecke recently stated: “that he recognizes that this public health crisis will have an adverse effect on our 2020 capital and operating budgets”?  …he further stated, “that the city is finalizing a finance ordinance to repeal a significant amount of money from our capital budget, hoping that some line items can be restored at a later time”? … the Mayor also stated that “he will file that ordinance for the Council to consider at its March 30th meeting and his administration and outside financial advisors will continue to track our revenue very closely in the days and weeks ahead”?  …we are told if the Mayor would have contributed a reasonable amount of money in the Evansville “Rainy Day Fund” during each year he’s been in office he wouldn’t have to take money from the capital and operating accounts? …the past and current deficit spending practices by the Mayor have also added to the current cash flow challenges of the city?  …we also wonder how the Mayor is going to get additional money if the taxpayers don’t have the money to pay their taxes?IS IT TRUE that it is a time-honored and proven statement that desperate people do desperate things?…the United States may be on the cusp of learning this lesson the hard way if our elected congress don’t move forward with a financial relief plan that provides some immediate cash to people who have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced due to the “shelter in place” orders that happened as a result of the threat of COVID19?IS IT TRUE in spite of this getting the United States Senate to pass a bill that would do this is like pulling hen’s teeth because opportunistic members of congress are trying to attach ideological actions to the relief bill?…making financial relief that is needed by people whose lives were impacted through no fault of their own for things like solar and wind tax credits, concessions to special interest groups, and other utopian wishes is irresponsible and puts us at risk for civil unrest?IS IT TRUE that examples of desperate actions by desperate people are all around us?…buying a couple of months of food, toilet paper and bottled water on the shelves of a grocery store could be considered to be an act of desperation?….it is time for the American people to put their Tom Terrific thinking caps on during this crisis?IS IT TRUE that civil unrest has already begun in some locations?…in Southern California a supply truck delivering food was hijacked by armed bandits and the contents of the truck were stolen?…something similar happened in North Carolina?…in what is perhaps the most callous act of civil unrest, armed criminals stole all of the medications and test kits from a drive-through COVID19 testing center?…these acts could be just the tip of the iceberg compared to what will happen if the obstructionists and opportunistic ideologues in congress fail to provide relief before people start to miss their rent and the food supply is depleted?…we can expect mass looting, robbery, and perhaps martial law if the congress that is there to serve the people of this nation fiddles like Nero while Rome was burning?IS IT TRUE that the United States has turned into a tribal society with some people loving every word that President Trump says and others suffering from such rabid hate that they are literally opposing efforts to provide emergency relief to people on the edge of poverty?…we have been through a time like this back in the 60s where social unrest became riots?…in the late 1960s and once-great productive cities like Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, and South Bend have never recovered?…when the fires are started and “Burn Baby Burn” becomes the anthem of the street, we will have crossed the Rubicon into violence and chaos?…this must be avoided and if people who make a million bucks get a check who cares at this point?…the fastest way to get money into the people’s hands is to have no restrictions and no qualifying criteria?…at this point some in congress seems to be willing to sacrifice 97% of the population to prevent a few thousand wealthy people from getting a check?…this is insane and it needs to stop right now?IS IT TRUE that one of the parts of the current bill that is being objected to by some democrat senators is a $50 billion cash subsidy to the domestic airline industry?…anyone with the mental capacity to read a balance sheet can see that most of our airlines will be out of operating cash in about 6 to 8 weeks without a federal backstop?…these people do not even have the presence of mind to understand that the planes are currently carrying medical supplies and ventilators during these trying times when people are not buying seats?…failing to see this is an example of abject ignorance on the part of some of our United States Senators?IS IT TRUE we are told that manufacturing, airlines, medical providers, wholesale and retail establishments, public sector mass transit, hospitality and entertainment venues are also about to be flat out of cash and in danger of shutting down in the very near future?…the CCO hopes that our congress will actually choose people over ideology and partisan politics?…that President Trump often calls the coronavirus an invisible enemy?… another invisible enemy that has the capacity to plunge our nation into financial chaos and civil unrest is partisan political action?IS IT TRUE that it was recently announced that Palm Springs, California will be the location of a new 10,000 seat hockey arena and has been selected to have an American Hockey League affiliate of the Seattle National Hockey League franchise?…the new facility will have two ice sheets and will cost $250 million?…this all sounds familiar to the Ford Center in Evansville but there is one very important difference?…the Palm Springs arena (not yet named) will not be using any taxpayer dollars?…the arena is a partnership between the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and a private investment group?…the arena will sit on tribal land inside a sovereign nation?…the taxpayers of Palm Springs and California will not be paying for or covering the debt on the facility in any way?…this is how stadiums and arenas should be financed as vital services like fire and police are not made to suffer to cover the payments on a temple to sports?IS IT TRUE it would have been so great if Evansville could have done similar to Palm Springs, California by building an Arena that will not eventually bleed the taxpayers of $10 million per year for 20 years to pay for the facility?IS IT TRUE that information is power but rumors aren’t?IS IT TRUE that it’s obvious when it comes to having complete knowledge about the Coronavius that some people know that they don’t know and some people don’t know that they don’t know?IS IT TRUE its time that relatives and parents of millenniums demand that they begin to quarantine themselves?IS IT TRUE get on your knees and pray for divine intervention?IS IT TRUE when the people fear the Government we have Tyranny!  When the Government fears the people we have Liberty?IS IT TRUE our “READERS POLLS” are non-scientific but trendy?Today’s “Readers Poll” question is: Which media is the most effective in giving us the current updates about the Coronavirus?Please take time and read our articles entitled “STATEHOUSE FILES, LAW ENFORCEMENT, “READERS POLL”, BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS”, EDUCATION, OBITUARIES and “LOCAL SPORTS”.You now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily.If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us at City-County [email protected]last_img

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