Oxford dons on BNP list

first_img“The idea that I might be coming into contact with members of the BNP, particularly when I am not from an English background, is really upsetting.”She continued, “I wonder whether it is appropriate for those who have been revealed as BNP supporters to remain as faculty members.”Her concerns were echoed by another second year who said, “I’m not associated with these faculties but I think it is unacceptable for the University not to take action against these people. The BNP preach hate, and this is not what our University is about.”However there are students who have condemned the leaking of the document.OUSU President Lewis Iwu, declined to comment, saying, “We’re not in a position to comment, several members of the OUSU council don’t agree with the leak.”BNP responseAndy Mcbride, the BNP regional officer for the South East explained the leaking of the membership list.He said, “We know who published the list, but we can’t disclose this, we have obtained a court order from the high courts regarding this because publishing this kind of list is forbidden by the Data Protection Act.“This has been published by people trying to damage us, but it absolutely should not affect the jobs of those working in Oxford University.“What you’ll find is that there will be some unions who will say that it should affect their jobs, but Solidarity, the only union who will allow BNP members to join will help them.“It will not affect their relationships with students or other staff, why should it? I’ve got students living in my house.”He concluded that it the long run, the release of the membership list would be a positive thing for the party and added that any ideas that members of Oxford University would be vilified for their support of the party was “ridiculous.”The University press office declined to comment on whether or not they were aware that there were faculty members who supported the BNP.A spokesperson for the University said, “we will not comment on individuals. Political affiliation, provided it is legal, is a private matter.” Three members of Oxford University have been discovered on a copy of the British National Party membership list, following the posting of the document on the internet this week.A member of the University Maths Faculty, a member of the Environmental Change Institute and a member of St John’s College have all been named on the list, which includes anyone who has ever shown an interest in the party as well as its members.The list includes names and addresses of people, as well as mobile numbers and email addresses of members.Yet some are unaware that they are on the list, having never voted for, or been a member of, the BNP.A member of the Environmental Change Institute who appeared on the list was unaware that he has been listed as a member of the BNP.“I am not a member”He said, “I have no idea why I am on there, I have never voted for the BNP and I am not a member. Four years ago I asked on the website for some information, that might be why.” A member of St John’s College who is also a former tutor was named in the list, but stated that he no longer has any contact with the party.He said, “I was once a member, but am no longer a member and have not been so for a very long time. I have no interest in the party and am not involved with them at all.“If you get involved with the BNP then they pressgang you, they’re a lot of damned fools if this is how they react when they have some kind of argument.”Student concernYet several students have voiced their concern at the revelations. One second year, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “This worries me a lot, I never know when I might have contact with these people.last_img

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