Bar patrons in Thousand Oaks turned into heroes after gunfire rang out

first_img@Jeremy_Childs/Twitter (LOS ANGELES) — When a gunman opened fire inside a country western bar in California, patrons who had been dancing and having a festive time mustered the bravery to save others, breaking windows to help terrified people escape and taking life-saving measures to aid the injured, witnesses said.“As soon as I looked up, as soon as I heard the shots, I knew exactly what was going on,” a witness named Matt told ABC station KABC-TV in Los Angeles outside the scene at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks.Instead of looking for a way to save himself, Matt said “instinct” kicked in and he sought to help others.“All I did was grab as many people as I could and pulled them underneath the table and then I heard a break in the shots and we got people out of there as much as we could,” he said, adding that he used a barstool to shatter the glass windows in order to evacuate people.“That’s all we could do. The only thing I could have wished for was to have something better than a barstool,” he said. “We probably pushed 30 or 35 people through that window. I know where I’m going if I die. So, I was not worried to sacrifice. All I wanted to do was get as many people out of there as possible.”He said he heard about “10 to 15” shots fired in the first onslaught. He and several others made it outside and were running through the parking lot when they heard the second round of gunfire, he said. There was another break in the shots and then he heard what he thinks was an exchange of gunfire between the shooter and police.“We ran back in and we were just pulling stragglers who were still in the parking lot. We were like, ‘You need to get out of here right now,’” said Matt, who was wearing a blood-stained shirt.“We probably pushed 30 or 35 people through that window,” he continued. “(The gunman) was not shooting at us that I know of. No one around me was going down. He was focused more on that front area until he got done with that.”Sgt. Ron Helus, a 29-year veteran of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office who was about to retire, made the ultimate sacrifice when he ran into the bar as the shooting was going on and confronted the gunman.Helus struck multiple times when he went through the front door, the sheriff’s office said. Officials said Helus undoubtedly saved lives by going in to confront the gunman.“He was totally committed. He gave his all and tonight, as I told his wife, he died a hero because he went in to save lives, to save other people,” said Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean.Matt said he saw other acts of heroism emerge in the chaos.“When we were going back to grab more people, someone was being pulled out with a chest wound and the guys carrying him were tired, and so we took over and carried him to the paramedics,” he said. “That’s the only person that I actually came in contact with that had an injury from the attacker.”A witness who only provided her first name, Savannah, was one of those who escaped through one of the shattered windows. She said she was thankful for the heroic efforts of the strangers who saved her.“A guy was able to throw me out the window,” Savannah said. “They had chairs and threw them out the window, and they were able to take me and my girlfriend out the window and carried us out here. I was able to get out, so I don’t know how long it was going on for but it felt like at least five minutes. It probably went on for at least 10.”As many as 15 people were taken to local hospitals with various injuries, police said. Others sustained minor injuries while fleeing.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Mario joins list of key traffic drivers for 1xGames collection

first_img SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 Related Articles Share 1xBet defies COVID-19 disruption to keep 2020 plans in place April 3, 2020 Why leading esports titles should not be overlooked as substitutes to real sports April 15, 2020 Submit StumbleUpon Share Pachinko, Penalties and Russian Roulette have been joined by a unique version of Mario as key traffic drivers on 1xGames, the online games collection hosted by 1xBet.Added to 1xGames in late October, Mario is a new variation of the classic Super Mario – a platform video game that first became popular in the 1980’s, and Pachinko is promoted as an “amazing mix of slot machine and cosmic pinball”.Penalties was described by 1xBet as “football, but not in the classic sense”, in which players are asked to predict the direction of the striker’s shots, while Russian roulette has been set up for “thrill seekers” who select a cartridge, spin the cylinder and pull the trigger.Over two years, 1xGames has grown to include more than 80 games of different kinds including card games, slots, survival games, board games and, crucially, those after which players can use an algorithm to test that they are ‘provably fair’ on the part of the operator.Affiliates or white label exponents of the 1xBet platform can work with the full collection of games, all of which have been fully developed in-house from concept to gameplay. Each game is complete with marketing tools such as free spins, bonuses, cashback opportunities and a ‘wheel of fortune’.Eugene Kiryukhin, 1xBet’s Director for Development of International Partners, said: “1xGames is one of 1xBet’s key gambling products. We’ve got everyone’s favourite online games here to keep players coming back for more. As well as all the classic games, we’ve got some pretty unusual ones and some with a bit of a twist.”last_img read more

#Joyafcon 2015: Preview Algeria vs South Africa

first_imgClean sheets have been particularly hard to come by in this season’s Premier League and only three clubs managed to clinch one last week (Aston Villa, Southampton, and Newcastle).Usual go to teams such as Liverpool and Manchester City have disappointed Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers so far. The Joy Sports team addresses the clean sheet problem alongside some premium captain picks in this week’s episode below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Joy Fantasy Football Show to receive more weekly tips in FPL.last_img

Five embarrassing remarks when microphone was on

first_imgLondon, United Kingdom | AFP | Sunderland manager David Moyes is in hot water over his remark to a BBC reporter that she might get a slap next time — with both of them laughing — after he thought he was off air.AFP Sports highlights five other incidents where people thought the microphone was off….. but it wasn’t:Ron AtkinsonFormer Manchester United and West Brom manager moved smoothly into the television pundit arena until disaster struck after a Champions League semi-final between Chelsea and Monaco in 2004. Atkinson, who was working for English channel ITV, criticised the performance of Chelsea’s French defensive great Marcel Desailly but added a racist adjective. Atkinson believed the microphone was off which it was in England but viewers in the Middle East — who were also receiving the broadcast — heard it. Atkinson resigned immediately saying: “I made a stupid mistake which I regret. At the moment I can’t believe I did it. If you look at my track record as a manager, I was one of the first managers in the game to give black players a chance (when he was at West Brom).”Dean JonesFormer Australia batting great saw his TV career come to a calamitous end in 2006. Commentating on a Test between South Africa and Sri Lanka in Colombo, Jones thought he was off air when South Africa’s Hashim Amla, a devout Muslim, caught star batsman Kumar Sangakkara, and remarked “the terrorist has got another wicket”. His slur — made during a commercial break — provoked a storm of protest and within hours Jones was on a plane out of Sri Lanka. “It was a silly and completely insensitive thing to say and, obviously, it was never supposed to be heard over the air….. I have no end of respect for the Muslim faith,” said Jones. Andy Gray and Richard KeysGray a former Scotland striker turned pundit and presenter Keys were the face of Sky Sports Football coverage for almost two decades until sexist remarks brought about their downfall in 2011. Thinking they were off air both made sexist remarks about Sian Massey a female assistant referee — who was due to run the line in the Wolves-Liverpool match that day — declaring female officials “don’t know the offside rule”. As it turned out, Massey made an excellent call during the match in the lead-up to a goal. Keys resigned and Gray was sacked. Keys apologised but added: “If off-air conversations of television and radio presenters were recorded, there would be no one left working. That is not to defend what happened.”Byron MacDonaldCanadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) swimming expert provoked outrage at last year’s Olympics when thinking he was off air he summed up 14-year-old Chinese swimmer Ai Yanhan’s performance in the women’s 4x200m freestyle relay final — which effectively permitted Canada to take bronze with China fourth — in highly derogatory terms. “The little 14-year-old from China dropped the ball, baby. Too excited, went out like stink, died like a pig. Thanks for that.” MacDonald issued an apology adding: “I was referring to a swimmer’s performance, and not to them as a person.”Jacques ChiracBon viveur French President thought he was off microphone when he made derogatory remarks about British and Finnish cuisine to then German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2005. “The only thing they (the British) have ever done for European agriculture is mad cow disease. After Finland, it is the country with the worst food. One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad.” His comments came shortly before the International Olympic Committee decided who would host the 2012 Olympics with Paris and London the main protagonists and for which the French capital had been the long time front runner. Chirac said it was meant in jest but legend has it that it cost the bid votes — Finland had two members — and London edged Paris 54-50.Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

Inside Conditions…‘Young Bucks and the Preacher’

first_imgAUBREY BRUCE As I watched the Steelers and Redskins slug it out last weekend, a few things came to mind. The “Skins” won the game 17-13, yawn. The first thing that glared at me was this year’s group of young guns attempting to come north with the squad from the Steel City in September when the games have a tad bit more of importance attached to them.Pittsburgh has a very nasty new crew of fellows who seem not to be aware of the fact that they are still supposed to be wet behind the ears and are required to continue to wear a bib while eating and must also request an adult or someone responsible for their care to wipe the Enfamil from the corners of their mouths and to change their messy diapers. The year’s rookie class of the Steelers is led by defensive lineman Evander “Ziggy” Hood. They are playing as if they are angry at someone or something. All things seem to indicate that this young bunch of renegades seems to be using blow torches as hair dryers after they are shampooed and bathed and instead of regular Hefty paper towels to wipe the milk from their lips. These young performers seem to be quite comfortable using sandpaper in lieu of napkins.I know that one game, especially a preseason one does not a season make but if he remains true to form, kick returner Stefan Logan took advantage of the chances that he was given to return punts and kickoffs. Logan handled five kickoff returns for a total of 157 yards which is a more than respectable 39.2 yard average which included a 60-yard return. He also returned four punts for 48 yards.Imagine this, boys and girls. Steeler’ punter Daniel Sepulveda regularly pinning the Steelers opponents inside their 30-yard line and kick returner Stefan Logan consistently handing the Black and Gold the pigskin on the enemies side of the 50-yard line marker.Now let me see. Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally. Oh no, wrong class. We don’t need basic algebra here, just basic math. The aforementioned simply implies, at least from a mathematical perspective, that Pittsburgh may more often than not have to travel less distance to score points and their opponents will have to cover more yardage to avoid a goose egg; brilliant, class dismissed!It is time for this season’s “soapbox series” to begin, Steelers Nation!The 2009 Steelers do not seem to need much in the area of motivation. When second string nose tackle Chris Hoke (who by the way could probably be starting for a few other NFL franchises) was being held by a few of the “Skins” O-linemen, he did not shrug it off just because it was a preseason game. “Hokey” marched to the sidelines and first caught the ear of Steelers center Justin Hartwig and then proceeded to plead his case to anyone who would listen. Now that’s what I’m talking about.An infraction is an infraction, whether it is committed in pee-wee league competition or in the Super Bowl. Holding is illegal and it should be called and the appropriate penalty yards marched off. It is as simple as that.There were so many penalties it often appeared that the Pittsburgh squad should have been wearing the striped shirts of inmates. At times it appeared as if the only convicts whose cells were being searched and individuals being monitored for contraband was the team from the Steel City.Steelers Nation, get ready for Freddie. Freddie is not dead as the old school Curtis Mayfield recording states. Freddie seems to have possibly been resurrected in the persona of a few of the NFL officiating members.During the Steelers versus Chargers contest played Dec. 28, 2008 at Heinz Field, the Chargers were flagged six times for 47 yards. They could have been penalized for possibly more than twice the penalties that were called against them. Now Pittsburgh was flagged eight times for 65 penalty yards. At least 50 percent of those calls were marginal or less.  Are you getting the picture?Penalties called, penalties missed or penalties even occasionally ignored, often means trading field position that is vital in a closely contested game. Infractions committed may result in continuing or discontinuing game scoring and even game winning drives. Penalties determine whether you go for it on fourth down or kick it away. If a play is questionable, then it should be reviewed regardless of whether a coach throws the red challenge flag or not. Coaches should not be discouraged from throwing the flag because they will lose a timeout if the challenge is unsuccessful. If a player argues that he was held, the play should be viewed and the penalty assessed. Blowing the whistle should not be the smoke screen and the end point for illegal and dirty play on the gridiron.It is acceptable that the champions of any sport  be the team to beat. What is not acceptable are monitors, officials or arbiters that are charged with the responsibility of guaranteeing fair and just play to allow their personal feelings about a player or a group of players to cause them not to always issue decisions based on the rules and regulations of that sport.If a player does not do his job, he becomes unemployed. If an official misses one too many calls, he too should be on the soup line. Fair should always fair. And that’s the name of that tune.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected])last_img read more

RB Schools to Get More Funding

first_imgBy John BurtonRED BANK – An almost 13 percent increase in state education funding for the 2013-14 school year for the Red Bank school district “will help us move forward,” Superintendent Laura Morana said.According to the state Department of Education (DOE), the district can anticipate getting a 12.9 percent increase, amounting to $339,218. It is the largest increase among districts in the Two River area.Atlantic Highlands will receive an additional $2,937 in state money for a 2 percent increase. Henry Hudson Regional will get an additional $3,330 for a 0.4 percent increase. Highlands will get a 1.3 percent increase or $8,347 while the Oceanport district will receive an additional $3,577 for a 0.8 percent increase for the coming school year.Most area districts’ funding is projected to remain flat. The area districts that are expected to receive the same amount of aid for 2013-14 as they did in 2012-13 are: Colts Neck, Fair Haven, Holmdel, Little Silver, Middletown, Monmouth Beach, Red Bank Regional, Rumson, Rumson-Fair Haven Regional and Shrewsbury.“I wish I could say the money was some gift for education improvement purposes or tax relief,” Red Bank Board of Education President Ben Forest said. “However, the commissioner [of education Chris Cerf] is acting on a basis of need.“Unfortunately, we’re going to be covering increasing costs and demands in our district,” Forest said.DOE spokesperson Barbara Morgan said state education officials relied on a formula, looking at what districts needed to provide a thorough and efficient education as prescribed by state standards, and at the local district’s ability to pay its fair share of it. When there was a gap between the two, state aid will allow those districts to reach what is called in education parlance the adequacy budget, according to Morgan.“That is what the state is providing,” through aid, she said.The Red Bank school district has seen an enrollment increase during the last couple of years, with this year and next seeing a 5 percent jump districtwide, according to Morana.“We’ll continue to see steady growth over the next five years,” the superintendent said.There are 13 districts across the state that have seen significant enrollment jumps and have been getting more state aid to help them address it, including Red Bank. The district also has been getting additional state money to cover expansion of its full-day pre-K program.But, Morana said, the district has to hire some additional teachers and faces rising costs for employee health insurance premiums, among other increases in spending.“There is a laundry list of items that we are now going to be able to begin addressing,” with the increased aid, she said.The additional aid also is “due to the fact that we’ve been underfunded for years and years,” Morana said.She was appreciative that Gov. Chris Christie and the commissioner are addressing what she sees as a shortfall.Without this and the other aid increases, the district would have faced tough choices for the enrollment jumps, including possibly expanding classroom size from its current 21-23 students to as many as 30 per class. “That would not have been a good decision. I could not in good conscience make a recommendation for that,” Morana said.The district will not be keeping all of the more than $300,000 additional aid, however. As required by the state, the district will allocate about a third of it to the Red Bank Charter School, Morana said.The district is slated to provide the charter school with $1.7 million for the 2013-14 school year, based on the state formula, according to the superintendent.last_img read more

Christmas comes early for Maida; big Murdoch weekend for Leafs

first_imgBy Bruce FuhrThe Nelson DailyLeaf coach Frank Maida woke up this week realizing Christmas had arrived early.The Nelson skipper found out via the junior hockey grapevine that former Leaf netminder Marcus Beasley was on the market once again having been released from the Prince George Spruce Kings of the B.C. Hockey League.Nelson held the Kootenay International Junior B Hockey League rights to Beasley after he was release from Prince George.Already satisfied with the goaltending duo of Andrew Walton and Patrick Defoe, Maida did the next best things — traded the junior B rights of Beasley for cash or future considerations to the Kamloops Storm.“We were really quite happy with our goalie situation,” Maida told The Nelson Daily on the eve of a heavy-dose of Murdoch Division competition.“It’s late in the season and we wanted to find Marcus a place to play. We made a call and Kamloops needed a goalie.”The deal is for cash or a player, should the Leafs want anyone the Storm is interested in moving to the Heritage City.“We’re always looking for another player heading down the stretch and into the playoffs,” Maida said.Maida may be more eager to deal should the Leafs falter this weekend.Nelson hosts league-leading Beaver Valley Nitehawks in the first of a home-and-home weekend series Friday at 7 p.m. in the NDCC Arena.Sandwiched in between the two Hawk games — game two is Sunday at 1 p.m. in Fruitvale — is a tilt Saturday in Castlegar against the Rebels.“I don’t feel this is a make a break weekend, but it is a big weekend to position ourselves where I feel we belong at the top of the division with Beaver Valley and Castlegar,” Maida explained.After suffering through the past six weeks of the season plagued by injuries, the Leafs have only two players on the self heading into the weekend — defencemen Tyler Parfeniuk and Blake Arcuri.Maida said Parfeniuk, the Leaf captain, would be held out of the lineup until the New Year’s Eve game against Spokane Braves.The word on Arcuri is less than promising as the Nelson native continues to rehab a hand injury.Nelson enters the three-game set trailing Beaver Valley by 10 points and Castlegar by five. The Hawks have played on less game than the Leaf while Nelson has a game in hand on the Rebels.The Leafs hold the lead in the season series against the Rebels 2-1 but trail the Hawks 3-1.Two of the games Nelson lost to Beaver Valley the Leafs held a lead only to see the Hawks charge back and take the [email protected]last_img read more

Kootenay Lake Fishing Report

first_img Most fish are feeding on the surface now, so we have been running mostly surface lines with the usual gear. Some Rainbows up to 17 pounds and Bull Trout up to 14 pounds have been coming in.  We’re also experiencing some good Kokanee fishing in the West Arm (during the opening) and just outside the west arm.  So, there’s definitely been a lot of action. So, there is not a lack of fish to be caught on the river.  You just have to get out there. By Kerry Reed, Reel Adventures SportfishingMay is over and June is nearing the midway point. So there’s plenty of time this month to hook a big one on Kootenay Lake.Kerry Reed of Reel Adventures Charters is here to give his monthly fishing report. So read and enjoy. My favorite bucktail flies have been producing good numbers of Rainbows and even a few Bull trout on the surface.  Lucky flies have been:  black, black, and more black.  Since the flying ants have been hitting the water, it seems the fish are keying in on the black colors.  So, our favorites have been the black ant pattern #208, the usual black & white #228, and a few others gray & white #210, green & white #221.  Tight lines……………………….Kerry Reed Reel Adventures Sportfishing 250-505-4963 The river has been running higher lately, but that seems to have created some new holes for fishing.  We’ve been fishing the usual back eddies and catching some nice fish. Also our Lyman plugs have been producing well on the surface and the downriggers.  Greens have been working well due to the color of the lake water.  So, lucky #55 or #53, or 97 have been producing.  Also the natural colors representing Kokanee have been working well.  Lucky numbers 16, 98, and 100 have been producing some good fish as well.   Columbia River:center_img Water temperature is perfect for most fish now, so we should see some good days of fishing ahead.  What are they biting on?? Fly-fishing with nymphs has been the most productive lately.  However the warmer weather has created a few hatches and we have begun dry fly fishing with caddis and flying ants as well. The month of May was pretty good fishing.  Lots of days with 10 – 15 fish to the boat.  The bugs came out, as well as flying ants, which seem to get all the fish in a frenzy.  Lots of bug eaters or small fish were caught, with the odd big fish each day. My favorite months are coming up for river fishing.  Look out for the famous Caddis hatch, as it will put every fish into a crazy feeding frenzy. The bait fishermen have been doing good as well.  Try using spinners tipped with worms or a 3-way rig on the bottom with bait.  Both methods have produced some nice fish.  Rainbows between 2 –5 pounds have been coming in, as well as Walleye between 2 – 5 pounds.  I’ve even seen a few Pike caught lately up to 10 pounds. Kootenay Lakelast_img read more

Selkirk College Saints Continue With On-Ice Lessons

first_imgThe Spartans tied the score before the intermission when Fontaine beat Selkirk College starter Russell Sanderson. After a scoreless second period, Dane Feeney gave the Saints a 2-1 lead seven minutes into the third. Matt Martin made it 3-1 for Selkirk College and despite a TWU goal with six minutes left, Sanderson shut the door.“He [Sanderson] has a calming influence in the net, he is good with his rebound control and doesn’t tend to panic,” Heaven said of Sanderson, who was named the game’s first star.“He did exactly what we needed, he stabilized the back end and gave the team the opportunity to win.”With a five-point weekend, Calvin has built on his rookie-of-the-year campaign last season to become a force for the Saints.“Dallas is a special player who is gifted offensively,” Heaven said of the Trail-raised forward who is tied for BCIHL scoring lead.“This year he has started to play with a little more of edge and he has found ways to get himself involved a little more physically. He has the skills to put the puck in the net, but it’s not always that type of game that wins it for us.”With Fall Semester mid-terms now over for the players, their on-ice learning continues and the final hockey test awaits in a few months. “We’re on the right on the path,” said Heaven when asked to grade his team at this point of the season.“My expectations are always A-plus, but if I had to give it a letter grade where we are playing right now would be in the B-plus area. We still have work to be done and there is plenty of time to do it. There is progress to be made… maybe we’re not completely satisfied, but we’re happy where we are at this point of the season.”The Saints have a weekend off and get back into action on November 19 when they host the Eastern Washington University Eagles at the Castlegar & District Recreation Complex. Puck drops at 7:05 p.m. The student athletes on the Selkirk College Saints have shown great promise in the opening third of the British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL) season, but there is plenty to learn before the final playoff test arrives in March.The Saints split their home weekend set with the Trinity Western University Spartans to remain atop the league standings as they build towards taking a shot at a fifth straight BCIHL championship. The Spartans took the Friday night game 4-3 and the Saints rebounded on Saturday to claim a 3-2 victory.“It was a tough start for us on Friday, we put ourselves in a fairly sizable hole,” said Saints head coach Brent Heaven. “It’s obviously a good learning experience for the guys that you need to be prepared to start at the very beginning of the game and not ten minutes in. The overall result was really good, we played some really solid hockey in the last 50 minutes. We need to learn from this and be ready every shift if we want to win in this league.”Trinity Western built a surprising cushion less than 15 minutes into the opening game with three quick goals. Saints sophomore forward Dallas Calvin got one back before the first intermission, but it was an unfamiliar spot to be in for the explosive Selkirk College offence.Trinity Western notched the only goal of the middle frame when Jarrett Fontaine beat Selkirk College starter Brett Huber. The Saints pushed hard with goals by Calvin and captain Tyler Kerner to cut the deficit to 4-3 five minutes into the final period. A wild finish that included a six-on-four advantage for the Saints to close game did not result in the tying goal as Spartan star goaltender Silas Matthys preserved the win.“We have the potential to get ourselves out of any sort of deficit, it’s just a case of having the perseverance and positivity to push through,” Heaven said.In the rematch Saturday night at the Castlegar & District Recreation Complex, the Saints were first on the board when Calvin scored his third goal of the weekend.last_img read more

Prisoner access bill struck down

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREThe top 10 theme park moments of 2019 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! SACRAMENTO – For the second year in a row, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed legislation that would have made it easier for news reporters to arrange interviews with prison inmates. Schwarzenegger said the bills by Sen. Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles, and Assemblyman Ray Haynes, R-Temecula, weren’t necessary because the news media have “wide-ranging access to both prisons and inmates.” He also suggested that the identical bills could result in inmates being treated as celebrities. “A free flow of information from the prison environment into the outside world has taken place under the current policy as evidenced by the many published press counts in the past year,” he said Friday in his veto message. The media have criticized current restrictions on interviews, saying they make it tougher to keep tabs on what goes on behind prison walls. Under current rules, the Department of Corrections refuses to arrange one-on-one interviews with prisoners. To question a specific inmate, a reporter must write to the prisoner and ask the inmate to call the reporter collect or put the reporter on a list of approved visitors. Once on that list, a reporter can see the prisoner only during normal visiting hours and can be prevented from taking in writing or recording equipment for the interview. Such requests are often denied. Reporters also are allowed to question inmates they encounter during prison tours. The Romero and Haynes bills would have enabled reporters to set up prearranged interviews with specific prisoners and use pens, pencils, paper, tape recorders and video cameras to record the interviews. Prison wardens still could have canceled interviews if they determined they posed a threat to prison security or public safety. Romero complained that Schwarzenegger vetoed the bills even though there were provisions added to address concerns he raised last year. “I am especially disappointed that, after working with me earlier this year to launch substantive reforms in California corrections, the governor would not join me in shining more light on the system through an increase in media freedom,” she said. Former governors Gray Davis and Pete Wilson vetoed similar legislation.last_img read more