Flexible Color Epaper As Thin As Real Paper Created

first_img I think we’re all used to reading from an e-paper display now, even if we do prefer paper in certain situations. But it’s high time the technology moved on. Sure, we now have high resolution displays that sip power and can go months between charges, but they don’t offer color and they can’t be flexed or bent like a sheet of paper.Well, a research team at Chalmers University of Technology has managed to achieve both: a full color e-paper display that is bendable.This new e-paper is the work of Assistant Professor Andreas Dahlin and PhD student Kunli Xiong. A year of work has produced a combination of nanostructures and conductive polymers to produce a sheet less than a micrometre thick that can display as many colors as a standard screen you’d find in today’s tablets.The good news doesn’t stop at full color and flexibility, though. According to Dahlin the e-paper requires very little power, around a tenth of that used by a tablet display. That’s because there is no backlight required. The e-paper gets all the light it needs from reflecting external light which illuminates the screen. So, just like a Kindle, you’ll be able to view the screen quite happily in daylight conditions.Now for the bad news… it’s not ready for commercial use yet and it currently costs a lot of money. The cost comes down to the use of gold and silver in the prototype display. There’s around 20nm of gold used, which either needs to be reduced or replaced to make the e-paper viable. However, Dahlin is confident they can make a commercially viable display and is calling on engineers to come and help them finalize the design.If they manage to get the costs down and scale the screen sizes up, you can guarantee Amazon will be one of the first to take an interest in the hope of getting a color Kindle on to the market. After that, flexible full color displays shouldn’t be far off. We could even see a resurgence of newspapers in e-paper form!H/T Kurzweil Start Saving for Samsung’s Foldable SmartphoneBendable aluminum battery recharges in a minute, won’t burst into … Stay on targetlast_img read more