Marrakech HitandRun Crossdresser Plans to Leave Morocco

Rabat – The Moroccan cross-dresser arrested on New Year’s Day for a hit-and-run accident expressed his desire to leave Morocco after the insults he received from Moroccans for cross-dressing.During his hearing at a court in Marrakech on Tuesday, the man reportedly announced that he was planning to seek asylum abroad.The man also presented a medical certificate to the court, indicating the deterioration of his psychological health following the incident. Police arrested the cross-dresser in Marrakech after he hit a motorcycle driver with hs vehicle and attempted to run away.Read Also: DGSN Sanctions 4 Policemen for Leaking Video of Marrakech Cross-DresserThe moment passersby and witnesses caught a glimpse of the man’s appearance—wearing makeup, a wig, and a dress—they attacked him with insults.Videos and pictures of the incident have been widely shared on social media networks. Many Moroccans slurred the man for disrespecting Moroccan culture and society, calling him “immoral” and “effeminate.” Others condemned the sharing of pictures and videos as “disrespectful” and “a violation” of his personal freedom.After pictures and videos showing the man’s face leaked online,  the director general of National Security, Abdellatif Hammouchi, ordered the general inspection commission to investigate whether any police were behind the leaks.Hammouchi sanctioned four policemen for not preserving the personal and private data of the individual, promising disciplinary sanctions ranging from warnings to temporary suspensions for them. read more