We have solved the mystery of Mary Robinson on Tinder and its

first_imgYOU MAY HAVE heard about how some Tinder users reported being matched with Mary Robinson on the dating app and thought to yourself, “Surely, that can’t be right?”It all started when Reddit user seaflat asked fellow Reddit users: Source: imgurEach profile used the same photo of Mary Robinson with users amending their profile details so it sounded more like the former president (This included addressing “the young men of today” and claiming to enjoy playing the harp).It all caused quite a kerfuffle, with a spokesperson for Robinson having to confirm to The Irish Daily Star that she did not have a Tinder profile.So, was it a prank? A viral marketing campaign? A reference to The Graduate? Source: mattsko/WordpressWe have answers.It’s actually a prank instigated by Girl Crew Dublin, a private Facebook group with over 600 members.Its founder Elva Carri explained the genesis of the group to DailyEdge.ie:So, the group started because one night I wanted to go out dancing, and my friends didn’t want to go out. So I put the picture attached up as one of my profile pictures on Tinder, changed my gender to male in the settings so I’d show up to other straight girls and swiped right on everyone. As for Mary Robinson or her staff having to answer questions about Tinder, Carri said:I’d love to apologise for Mary or her staff having to respond to the issue. That was never the intention, we just wanted to put her out the as one of our role models, someone we look up to and not to cause any damage or waste their time having to deal with that part of this! The girls involved in the prank are all big fans of Mary and her work.And we’re big fans of your work, ladies.For more on Girl Crew Dublin, you can find them on Twitter at @GirlCrewIreland or @GirlCrewDublin. Alternatively, you can e-mail [email protected] experiences you’ll definitely have on the Tinder dating app>19 animals that take way better selfies than you > Anyone else using Tinder match with Mary Robinson recently? I’ve matched with about 5 profiles using this exact same photo. I wonder what’s going on. I thought I’d find three or four crazy girls up for it and within 24 hours, there was over a hundred matches and so we had to set up a Facebook group just to organise something. Since then it’s gotten bigger and bigger and there are groups all over Ireland.Carri explains that if members want to go to to a gig, go for coffee or find a running partner, they’re free to post it on the page and see what comes of it.The general vibe that grew out of it was just one of amazing, smart, independent women having the craic together and being amazingly supportive.So how did the Mary Robinson prank AKA “We Are Mary” come about?Carri tells us that the idea was suggested a few days ago and a handful of the group’s members jumped on board. The idea was just to have “a few laughs on a Bank Holiday” and add something “a little inspiring” to Tinder.We chose Mary because she’s so strong, intelligent and inspiring, and works for change for the better in so many ways that she seemed the perfect representative!Those who got involved changed their profile pictures to Mary Robinson and channelled the former president in their Tinder chats that day, which was mostly met with good humour from the guys.last_img read more